Infinite flight glitch

Hello everyone!!! It’s been awhile since I last posted and I came accross a glitch when I was in the F22 Raptor. I was flying and I decided to go get something. I noticed I forgot to put the autopilot and sank right into the ground. I went through the ground until I was like -171,651 MSL and I was spinning so fast. It took me to a speed of 4,781 and I was freaking out… here’s some pics or footage (if it send with this)

My footage isn’t authorized so you guys cannot see the footage of it spinning in the ground or sling shorting into space. I am not sure if I have any violations or not. It says I’m over speeding but I’m going 0 knots and it’s stuck at 99 ground speed. But the overspeed warning keeps going

I have had this happen to me as well… I think what causes this is when you hit the ground at a high rate of speed…

Hello, this belongs in #screenshots-and-videos but is not in the correct format.
No HUD should be shown and please state the information of the flight.

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I’m very sorry… I forgot, do I delete and repost??

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No, simply trim the image so that no HUD is visible. Also change the category to #screenshots-and-videos.

This doesn’t really belong in #screenshots-and-videos, and #general is fine, as the OP believes this is a glitch, which is some way, yes, it is. The OP is simply showcasing what happened to him when the glitch happened.


Well then probably in #live?

This is known and is also how people manage to make it to space.