Infinite flight glitch

on final into KLAS on the expert server it apears my screen started to glitch and i was thrown around. i recorded it and took pictures. and then when i landed i was floating a few feet above the ground upon touchdown this appears to be a major issue


Hi justin,

i would suggest completing your post with the video and any information that could be used to figure out what is going on!

suggest what phone, operating system, what aircraft…

and then the photos and videos.


K I am going to size the vid down to about 30 seconds

how do I Jpeg the video

thats only a picture cause IDK how to send the video

Upload it to youtube or something like it and then share the link.

Restarting and/or reinstalling IF will solve most of the issues.

apologize for how the video looks

Yea this is common. Give the app a reboot or uninstall/reinstall it and see how it behaves.

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ok Thanks for your help happy landings Mods can close this

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Closed by request.