Infinite flight glitch/Network Issue?

Quick question, when I get lagged off the game in the middle of a flight, is it a glitch in the game, or is it just my network?

Like sometimes I get lagged off when I have bad network connection, and sometimes I get lagged of when I have good network connection.

Can you elaborate on ‘lagged off the game’? Does the app crash? Or do you just disconnect from the servers?

What device are you using?

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Lagged off means you get logged of your game, and when you reopen the app, you go back to the home screen. I’m using the iPad 4.

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It is most likely the 19.4 app crashes.

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I do that every time before I fly

I should put this topic in support

The suggestions won’t always fix the problem. A fix is being tested for 20.1. I’m not a knowledgeable Apple person but from what I can find the iPad 4 does not have a high processor and most likely can very easily overload the system and cause a crash.

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Okay. So it could be both? Then.

If your app just keeps crashing and resets the app when you open it, especially when around busy traffic then it is becuase of these crashes. The only current suggestions are what has been given in here, until 20.1 comes out hopefully with the fix.

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