Infinite Flight Gift Cards


Don’t really know what category it belongs in…

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an Infinite Flight Gift Card?

We should make one!

Thoughts and Opinions below.

This shouldn’t be in #features

Uh no? There’s nothing to buy other then a subscription. And there’s many ways to gift them technically so


We already do - it just goes by Google Play / iTunes gift card.


And so it continues…


Lol. That post is going to haunt me on every topic I create…

Will not happen, They use subscription system of Playstore/Applestore.
So the giftcards are Play store & iTunes cards.

I mean, you’ve created 11 topics in the last 3 days. That’s probably more than most people would create in a month. Perhaps reduce the number and increase the quality a bit, as all of your topics kinda share that “rushed with no effort” vibe 🙂

125+ rushed topics isn’t exactly the sweet road to regular if you get my gist


Ok. I’ll stick to posting…

I’ve made 8 topics in my year here. Quality over Quantity :)

Just look at it this way for example, you’ve been on the forum for 158 days and created 127 topics, nearly all of which have been closed.
I’ve been here for 866 days and only made 34 topics.

It’s quality not quantity 😜


Buy a gift certificate from the respective stores.