Infinite Flight Ghost

The instrument bar is stuck in the bottom of my screen
Or it is my vision…

Erm the picture is nothing but black and white?

I couldn’t get it on the screenshot but it’s definitely there.

Erm if it’s not displaying anything that can aid in troubleshooting, then no one can help…

This is approximately what it looked like:
I couldn’t click the bar but it was stuck there.

Alright now I see it but could you better elaborate your problem?

I’m just wondering what it’s doing there, I’d have no idea why it would stay on my screen. As I said, it can also just be my brain…

No, it’s not your brain… I see the screenshot too but have you tried restarting your device?

The screenshot is a reproduction taken from two separate photos because I couldn’t get it on the screenshot. I haven’t restarted my device but it’s fine now, however sometimes it appears again.

Take a picture on another device and post it here

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I’ll try to, hang on.

It’s not appearing.

The image may have been burnt on there. - too much time on IF with full brightness.

I played IF for maybe 10 minutes before that, and not on full brightness either.

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