Infinite Flight General Knowledge Test

Hello, I am Max and I am presenting you the “Infinite Flight General Test”. This tests consists of some questions which are based on your psychological thinking (No correct answer), and some questions are simple questions regarding Infinite Flight. I just want to see the statistics in regards how this forum “reacts” to some things. I did a similar test in an FSX forum, and it came out with some interesting results: lets see if this will be any different.

What is your age?

  • 5 - 10
  • 10 - 20
  • 20 - 30
  • 30 - 50
  • 50 - 80
  • 80+

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Do you think Infinite Flight is #1 Flight Simulator (on mobile)?

  • Yes
  • No
  • I can’t judge

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Do you know what the term “expedite” means?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not too sure

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You prefer to…

  • Control on PLAYGROUND
  • Control on ADVANCED
  • Fly on ADVANCED

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You really want an update… you: Answer if you had no choice, but to answer

  • Contact I.F. Support
  • Contact Matt/Philippe (directly via PM)
  • Make a thread on the forums

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Regarding your Advanced ATC Server experience…

  • ATC do not know their commands
  • ATC? No time for ATC, I want to fly.
  • I fly there because I want to make ATCs notice me
  • I feel this server needs more work
  • I want the XP to get in lowered
  • I want the XP to get in raised

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From these simple questions, my friend who studies psychology can see what ?“type”? of people you guys (in general) are.

"Thanks for taking part in this survey

  • Daniel"



Will you give us a result? ;)

Yes, but my friend needs to analyse it first.


Wow, very interesting results - thanks for posting this!

Look forward to see the result.

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@Maxim in question 2 do you mean the first simulator on mobile or the most popular?. Got confused there.

The best one in your opinion.

I don’t really think there is a correct answer to #5

Nothing is perfect - make a decision. That’s why it’s not a “yes no” test, but a psychology test.

I don’t like any of them so no answer

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You aren’t meant to LIKE any of them, you are meant to choose if you had NO choice.

I swear to god if there are any 5-10 year olds on here…

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