Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | Welcome to South America | 100300ZNOV19

Welcome to South America

I have recently aquried the position of being the South American regional director, as well as the North America regional director. This has opened up a lot of doors in terms of Group Flights. So I have decided to hold the next Group Flight in the heart of South America - Peru.

Event details

Server - Expert
Event Time - 0300Z 2019-11-11T03:00:00Z
Aircraft - C208
Departure Airport - SPZO (Alejandro Velesco Astete Itl.)
Arrival Airport - SPHY (Andahuaylas Reg.)

Flight details

Speed - 120kts
Altitude - 15,000ft MSL
Flight Time - 1:00hrs


Gate Name Callsign IFGAC
Gate 01 @HelloSkyMan H-SKWHY Yes
Gate 02 @NathanD N172ME Absolutly
Gate 03 @Balloonchaser BCHASER Um yea
Gate 04 @Jermaine_Edwards2 37 No
Gate 05 @NBSYT NBSYT Yup
Remote 06 @David_Mullen N76VT Nien
Remote 07 @Kansas_Scotty N145FP Yessir
Remote 08
Remote 09
Remote 10
Remote 11

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Could I have gate 1 my IFGAC callsign in N172ME

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Can you get gate 2? Gate 1 is reserved

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Yes That 2 was actually the gate that was going for

Cool, ill put ya down!

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Unknown if I can make it, but give me a gate for now :)


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I will take gate 3 thanks

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Ill give you gate 4. Whats your callsign?

My call sign will be 37

Only 37? nothing else?

I’m taking gate 5 ☺️

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Alright I put ya down! Ill see ya there

Change the callsign to NBSYT

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Moonlight should be beautiful!

Gate please. N76VT.


your datetime string is not consistent with 10 PM EST. I think it translates to 4 PM Eastern Standard. And the year-part should be 19, not 10.

If you want 10 PM EST, you need 110300ZNOV19. Note that it will be Monday morning in London.

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OMG thanks so much. All of that just slipped my mind. Ill put ya down

Please assign me one of the remotes.
@Kansas_Scotty [N145FP].

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Event Begins In 1 hour! Sign up Now!

Spawn in!

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Copy my FPL please

Speed - 120kts
Altitude - 15,000ft MSL