Infinite Flight General Aviation Club | The 2020 IFGAC Landing Competition ft The Virtual F-22 Demo Team | 222200ZFeb20

The IFGAC 2020 Landing Competition is here!


Hello From IFGAC!

For a while now, several members of IFGAC have been mentioning and pushing us to do Landing Competitions as events. We were heasent at first because of the logistics of such an event, but now with the recent rework of the Cessna 172, and growing interest in landing competitions, we have decided to put one on!

Where is it?

For this event, we will be heading to New York, specifically Westchester County! I have this locations for a multitude of reasons, but the main one being its proximity to New York City and KJFK Airport. It is also a beautiful place for a landing competition.

The Logistics

We will be departing from KFRG (Farmingdale) in groups, three to be exact, so that we can maintain good spacing and give the judges ample time to rate the pilots landings. We will be landing at KHPN (Westchester) and parking at the GA spot assigned to you, so make sure to check out a map of the airport BEFORE spawning in.

Special Guest

VAC Virtual F-22 Demo Team

As the competition kicks off, we will be greeted with a performance by none other than VAC’s Virtual Major @Nate_Schneller, callsign “Tinnitus” and the Virtual F-22 Demo Team from Joint Base Langley-Eustis, with an awe-inspiring demonstration of raw power, courtesy of the most feared combat aircraft in the world.


The C-17 Demonstration Team representing the men and women serving in the Air Force Air Mobility Command performs at Airshow events located across North America. The C-17 Demonstration team is based out of Dover AFB, Delaware. The C-17 is the Air Force’s premier heavy lifter, capable of landing in short or unimproved airstrips and carrying cargo loads equivalent to jumbo jet air freighters. The C-17 is able to perform short takeoffs and landings on concrete, asphalt, dirt, sand and even ice. The C-17 will demonstrate is maximum performance capabilities during the show; it’s minimum radius turning ability, highest and lowest flying speeds and a demo of it’s assault landing capability.

USAF Heritage Flight

The Air Force’s Heritage flight program was created by the leaders of Air Combat Command in 1997 to honor the men and women who have served and currently serve in the USAF. Heritage Flights are performed at airshows and special events in the United States and around the world. Formations normally include modern day aircraft such as the F-22 Raptor and F-16 Viper, and vintage warbirds like the P38 Lightning.

Come before the show, at around 2120Z, to see them in action. The demo and heritage flight will be on the casual server, but please stick to the spot at KFRG that you have been given.


Group One

This Group Will Depart at 2200Z
Please use the F-HATZ livery

Spot in Line GA Spot at KFRG Spot at KHPN Callsign IFGAC
1 GA 211 GA 01 K-JARO 🤠
2 GA 212 GA 02 JELLOMAN 😳
4 GA 214 GA 04 NFFU52 🤠
5 GA 215 GS 05 IFAE11 🤠
6 GA 216 GA 06 KANGAROO 🤠
7 GA 217 GA 07
8 GA 218 GA 08
Group Two

This Group Will Depart At 2220Z
Please use the YellowBlue livery

Spot in Line GA Spot at KFRG Spot at KHPN Callsign IFGAC
1 GA 220 GA 11
2 GA 222 GA 12
3 GA 224 GA 13
4 GA 226 GA 14
5 GA 228 GA 15
6 GA 230 GA 16
7 GA 232 GA 17
8 GA 234 GA 18
Group Three

This Group Will Depart at 2240Z
Please use the N1322K livery

Spot in Line GA Spot at KFRG Spot at KHPN Callsign IFGAC
1 GA 242 GA 20
2 GA 244 GA 21
3 GA 246 GA 22
4 GA 248 GA 23
5 GA 250 GA 24
6 GA 252 GA 25
7 GA 254 GA 26
8 GA 256 GA 27

Event Details

Aircraft - Cessna 172
Departing Airport - KFRG (Farmingdale)
Arrival Airport - KHPN (Westchester)
Event Time - Group One - 2020-02-22T22:00:00Z
Group Two - 2020-02-22T22:20:00Z
Group Three - 2020-02-22T22:40:00Z

Charts Farmingdale ----> Westchester

The Judges

@infiniteflight_17 ?


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Can’t wait to attend the event

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Major oof. I have something all day on the 22nd.

This sounds so exciting! I hope y’all have fun!

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I will take any Group One slot. Callsign: K-JARO. 👍

Can’t wait.

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Cool, I put ya down!

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What server is it in?


The expert server

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Awesome event thread!

landing competitions are really fun. Would have surely attended it if it wasn’t at 0400 my time.

I’d like to be there callsign JELLOMAN

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Coolio I’ll get you in

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Is it possible to show up and watch the landing competition and the demo?

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I’ll probably be there in the C17 just being a spectator.

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Well, I’d rather you actually fly in the competition, but sure I guess

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Can you fly in it? We’d love to see you there

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I’ll try to be there. Balloonchaser

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I’ll put ya down

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Could I get a spot ga214 and ga04

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What is your Callsign?

NFFU52 is my callsign

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