Infinite Flight Game Records Website - OPEN

Now with there being so much discussion of supporting apps and other things for IF in the general section. I have assisted in creating a Infinite Flight Game Records website. All game records made can be submitted, reviewed and posted on this website. Its like an Online Guinness Book. The IFGR association isn’t a VA and is a supporting IF feature. I hope all of the community will appreciate all the hard work emirates VA web designers sacrificed to make this and I hope everyone enjoys this feature. Link: IFGR website


Shoutout to all record makers already recorded: @Kirito_77, @Darth_Sidious, @Jet_Airways_995, @DS2001, @Europa_U_E_99, @AndrewRG10.


A website instead of a wiki, I like this idea, prevents people tampering with the records.

And this website is really extremely well put together, I love it

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Thank and good job on the record


I feel honored to be at this site. A great idea to make a website!

Not sure if @tom.mull will still be alive to run it when he gets back…

Nevertheless, very good idea indeed.


Well he came up with the idea and I don’t want to make him feel like I’m steeling it so I’ll ask him if he wants to run it when he gets back

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Glad to see everyone likes the site and that it makes people feel “honored” to be on it

Excellent idea ! I will personally try to beat some records ;)
Though I think you guys should keep a close eye of people cheating ( basically the type of people editing the original picture and saying they did a record ).

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exactly, thanks for the advice and good luck with creating and/ or beating records

He won’t ever be back.

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Yeah, the thing is he won’t be getting back. He’ll be well gone by then.

Many thanks for the shout-out. I am honoured to be on that list ;)

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Not to be the one that always complains, but the smoothest landing, you can tell he was both wheels touching, so technically that doesn’t count as smooth because he is on the ground

The website is not accessible to me.


its only 8 days from now


I don’t quite grasp what your saying could you please explain it a little bit more accurately

it should be working. I checked that there wasn’t any issues

So if you look at the smoothest landing picture, you see that his main gear is touching the ground, hence such a smooth landing, which is technically cheating as you should show the speed before you touchdown

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@Harris_Carvel… MaxSez: Inovative, professionally done, user friendly web site, Kudo to the Developers and Volunteers. I’ll list this site as the “The Bold IF Pilots Board” aka “IF Liars Board” on my IF homepage with all the other super volunteer contributions. “Well Done”
Here’s a Plaque for your “I lov me” display cabinet!



well he provided an image in another thread of his vs being -1 so it is very smooth no matter if both wheel sets hit at the same time