Infinite Flight Game Records - Record Setting Event @ KNKX - 221930ZSEP17 (POSPONED)

Server: Training

Region: Southern California

Airport: KNKX

Time: 1930Z

NOTAM: Follow the instructional video on YouTube, and make sure some records are set whilst your having fun.

This event will be hosted by the Infinite Flight Game Records Association. The IFGR records all game records much like the Gunniess book. However, to get in it is much simpler; submit your records or try and get new records at IFGR hosted events. With this event it will be for short landing and takeoff records. Simply check out the instructional video at And enter the competition by leaving your name below.
For those who want to fly in and watch simply enter in on runway 24R or 06L and park out of the way. Website link: IFGR official website

Arming area 1 - @gonza1_2015
Arming area 2 - @Christoffer_Z
Arming area 3 - @Harris_Carvel
Arming area 4 -
Cala pad 1 -
Cala pad 2 -
Cala pad 3 -
Cala pad 4 -
Compass rose - @Luke
Fuel plt 1 -
Fuel plt 2 -
Fuel plt 3 -
Fuel plt 4 -

More gate available if required

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Wow. That’s actually a really cool idea… IFGR

Might consider coming to event.

thanks for the consideration, should I reserve a gate for you or wait until later in the week

I’ll wait to see if I can make it thanks.

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Oh I think I’ll definitely be there!

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We should do a flight together in TS1 [Global] over the week My name is Senior pilot In Infinite flight but you have to record the flight because I play Infinite flight on an apple device which means I can’t record our flight

I’ll be there, can a reserve a gate?

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Sign me up now plz this would be awsome

Nevermind i wont make it😰

Sounds fun! Aircraft restrictions for this record? Do you want people coming to a complete stop or taxiing off as usual?

Complete stop but watch the YouTube instructional video if you haven’t had a chance. It’s simple but a useful video.

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I would say the largest aircraft should probably be a c130

Great, I’ll be there :)

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Just a reminder that the event is today.

Mohamed Hassan arming area 4 flying bombardier dash 8- q400

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