Infinite Flight: Game Physics

What’s up guys. I hope you guys are enjoying your Monday/Early Tuesday morning. I just wanted to hear your opinions on the Infinite Flight physics in general such as manoeuvring, taking off, landing etc. I bring this up because pre-global update, I use to be able to take off my aircraft with little to no effort, during a time when weight and balance had little to no effect on how an aircraft performs. Now since the global update, I don’t know if I have simply forgot how to take off correctly (must be doing something right if I have done over 200hrs in flight time) or if the weight and balance physics the devs put in place has effected aircraft performance. I bring this up as now when I begin rotating the aircraft when hitting V1, the plane tends to “drift” or “skid” off the centre line and I am forced to use rudder control to keep the plane on the runway. Idk. I am confused as all hell so to give an indication of my practices, I’ll leave some specs that I use during my take offs. I know for a fact that it’s not a calibration issue or an autopilot issue as I hand fly the aircraft until 3000ft AGL but here is what I typically set. >70% Load: Flaps 15 degrees/Flaps 2, Trim 50%, N1 around 90-92%. < 50% Load: Flaps 5/Flaps 1, Trim 50%, N1 around 82-85%. Now of course sometimes these specs are subject to change due to individual aircraft handling characteristics but these are the models I tend to use on most of my flights. Share your experiences in the comments and if you have a solution to this issue, make sure to post it in the comments.


Using the rudder to keep yourself on the centerline is pretty normal. All of your “takeoff specs” seem normal.


Hey man, yeah I had a feeling they were however the plane drifts out like crazy like to the point where traditional rudder control tends to become difficult as the plane veers off so quickly.

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Are you sure you have all of your engines on? Or maybe you were taking off in really high wind conditions.

All engines fired up and little to no wind activity. It’s really strange as this only starting happening to me after Global’s launch. Don’t know why so I have presumed it’s a game mechanics thing


What device and OS are you using? I don’t like saying this, but maybe an app reinstall would help.

The same thing is happening to me as well since the global update. When I rotate the aircraft sways to one side immediately after taking off when I am holding the device still as a brick. The same with landing as well, when I land the aircraft just starts turning to one side forcing me to slam the rudder to align with the centerline. It’s really annoying but I have found no fix as of yet.


I play mostly on my iPad Mini 3 running the latest version of iOS 11

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This happens to me to. It often happens on landing as well. I’m just about to rotate and my aircraft does a mad turn…


I don’t have this problem, so I have limited resources to help you out. But it looks like it’s a known bug (According to @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF) so maybe there is no fix as of now.

Hope you find a solution!


Dude same legit today came in for a landing at EGLL at 140kts in a321 and landed and the plane rapidly swayed so I didn’t activate the reverses so just did manual braking

Thanks man for your responses!

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@Ark_of_Ahmed.IF That is called crosswind landing and takeoff. For takeoff, align your airplane to the left/right (depending on wind direction) and then when you rotate, move the rudder towards the wind.

For landing, the plane will usually face the wind by itself. Keep your device steady moving it to the left/right a bit. Once reaching 100/50 ft (100 for larger planes and 50 for smaller), move the rudder to align with the centerline.

I hope this helped

-Flight Gamer


Yes it’s normal when there are crosswinds, however this happens to me when there are no crosswinds.


Hmm, I myself haven’t really noticed this, I don’t know if it’s a problem only in Live (as I only play in solo, I haven’t got global ): . Can you see if it happens in solo as well?

Otherwise, I think this could only be a bug…

You will always be using rudder to stay center on the runway, not doing so before was a bad practice of yours. In addition, you have to be aware that every aircraft has some crosswind limitation. It would seem that you were not using proper technique or are taking off in winds you shouldnt be with your aircraft. Best advice is to always use rudder, even if winds are 0, and to retrain yourself with your take offs.

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That’s some big paragraph… You might want to delegate it and give subheadings to make it easier to read.

Could the auto-coordination be a cause with sensitivity high?

Auto coordination just ties your ailerons and nose gear together like the nose gear and rudder are. Nothing else is affected by it. But with that being said decoupling the two would allow you to be more precise with your rudder usage.

Hey man, I had said in the paragraph that this isn’t due to crosswinds and @Ark_of_Ahmed.IF even said he holds device as still as a brick. Crosswinds when I take off or land in Global have little to no impact on manoeuvring the aircraft. What we are saying is, is that despite there being no crosswinds and our aircraft being configured for take off correctly, it is whenever we rotate the plane when reaching V1 that the plane begins to drift off the runway and traditional rudder use no longer can keep the aircraft aligned to the centre.

I myself do not use auto-coordination as I prefer to have full rudder control and I have only raised this issue as I only started experiencing it after Global released. Pre-Global, I could take off with my eyes closed it was so simple, however I infer that due to weight and balance becoming an important aircraft behaviour physic, I believe the devs may have not realised that this has now affected control physics, hence why it has now become difficult for myself and others to take off and in some cases, land.

I don’t see in real life aviation aircraft drifting off the runway at 155/160kts. Sure they may move off the centre line however it is something the ol rudder can correct. Even on landing. I come in at around 145kts, and I land at a rate of -150 VS (in other words pretty much buttery smooth) and the minute I touchdown, the aircraft will sway off to the side and a heavy use of rudder control is necessary. Bearing this in mind, this is in 2kt crosswinds so near no effect can affect the aircraft’s landing capabilities.

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