Infinite flight GA club?

Hey guys,

We are sooooooooooooooo close to finishing our site and in a day or so will hand over the site to the IFVARB!! Keep a look out on the general and VA section for any news from me and @MisterButler!!


News Update:
The website has been shared with the IFVARB and our approval is pending. As soon as we are launched we will let you guys know here.

Yuvraj and Sean


Exciting stuff. Looking forward to seeing the completed product


Sounds great

I will keep an eye out

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Sounds good! Would love to help you out in any way I can.


Sign me up as soon as you are approved!

Also this could come in handy? General Aviation Suggestions

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Hey now i think this is an excellent idea. I love flying GA aircraft and logging in hours but i think this would be funner as a group. I dont always have time to fly but i would sign up for this club. Hamburger runs…cross country trips (50 nm) …count me in

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I’m more excited about the EAA fly-in, which is another reason why I want in on this!

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I’d definitly want to join!

If you need any help with a logo, thread, photoshopping, I’d be very glad to help!

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Great idea… but defo add others like the super decathlon and the Spitfire!

Count me in!


Definitely man!

Also, take a look at this sneak peek…


IFAE requires Grade 4 though if I remember correctly

The biggest news yet… we are now officialy certified by the IFVARB and our thread will be out soon!!!


My favorite aircraft in Infinite Flight is the Cessna 172, it’s the only plane that I fly. Starting a General Aviation (GA) club is an excellent idea!


Thanks keep a look out for our thread. We should be approved any time soon!!

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We are now open!!!
Pls apply to join infinite flights first GA club at Join us - Evo GA club

The web address is wrong it is html on the end not htm, but congratulations mate! :)

Oh sorry, hope to see you!

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Pls note we will try to make application. Process quick but please bear with us!

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Lets welcome @SkyIsLimit as our first member to join. Come on people let’s get those applications flooding!

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