"Infinite Flight Funny Stuff"! Series on The Gaming Techs Channel

##Lists of Current Episodes:

S1, E1 (The “Pilot” Episode)
S1, E2 (The “Poopy” Episode)
S1, E3 (The “Plang” Episode)
S1, E4 (The “Perpetrator” Episode)
S1, E5 (The “Plane’s Dinner” Episode)

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  • Make a back to back episode on October 7th (2 episodes in 1 day)
  • Make the episode on October 7th (1 episode in 1 day)
  • Make it on September 30th, but later

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What do you mean


I’ll PM you.

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So can I PM her? I need her attention!

What is it??

Can you pm me?

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Okay. The first episode will be up Friday! Hope you enjoy it!

We will also need 4 pilots! Our crew will total 10!

@SkyHighGuys, I’ll add you to the PM!

Okay! The first episode is made, and will be out Friday! Wahoo!

(The “Pilot” Episode)

‘Planes Our Having a discussion about their futures’

2 days until the premiere! Who else is excited! If you want a preview, subscribe to me!

I thought people would like this …

Edited the title to attract more viewers :)

Premieres in less than 2 hours!

Who else is 😜?

Seems very lonely in this thread

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Yeah. I thought this would get more views!

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Keep your head up bud

Yeah! Thanks! Anyway, 1:30 Minutes until the premiere!

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