Infinite Flight Fuel Burns (Estimates): XCub & TBM Added!

What VS are you climbing at?

2200 feet until 12,000, 1200 till 22,000, 800 till 28,000

Up until 4000ft set speed to 200KIAS, (climbing at 2800fpm), above 4000ft Set thrust to 78-80% thurst and climb around 3500fpm above 230KIAS. Stay at that rate of climb until FL150 then begin slowly lowering it will keeping thrust at 78-80%. YOu should be at 2000fpm and 315KIAS (turns to M84) when you pass through FL280. If you are at 75% load factor or higher climb to FL310. Once you get to 70% load factor climb to FL330. At 65% climb to FL350. you can climb to FL370 when you get to 45% load factor and FL390 when you get to 37% load factor. At 30% load factor you can go to FL410 and at 25% load factor FL430 is feasible.

If this does not work for you then you have to redownload the app because the fuel flow data was corrupted when you downloaded the aircraft (has actually happened on other aircraft to me)

How you export flight data to IF please?

@Ivo_Janacek After planning on that site, there will be a list of the navigation points, select it, copy, then insert it into the map screen of Infinite Flight

OK, I will check later today after my landing. Thx at the moment.

Table Update:

Hey folks! Hope all is well. Took some time to give the fuel burns a little TLC by recently adding the CRJ7 & CRJ9 into the table.

  • Worked on finding the appropriate speeds (Economy & Max) for the Dash 8 as well.

  • The other CRJ’s will be added… well, once they’re pushed to the public and done with testing. 🙂

  • Identifying the aircraft that can be aerial refueled a bit easier thanks to a handy symbol. I annotated these aircraft by using the ® symbol located next to the aircraft model.

  • If I missed anything, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Its a work in progress project and I need your help to correct any issues I may have looked over.

I uploaded the new photos in a different format. Let me know if its too difficult. I threw a little note in bold below the images. Let me know if I need to re-upload them for a better viewing experience.


Its been awhile since the last update of these figures. With that, this coming Wednesday, I’ll be updating these fuel burns to the following for you guys to reference:

  • (Update numbers) after rework A10
  • (Update numbers) after little rework attention that the A330 received
  • TBM
  • XCubby

and I think thats all that I’m missing… if not shoot me a PM and I’ll work on some cruise burns for ya’.


As promised… 👇🏼

Few new additions & updates:

  • Added TBM - read the notes as it specifies how I chose the fuel efficiency that works best. You’ll find that the recommendation that I’m offering falls inline with the aircraft performance data from the actual aircraft manual

  • Added XCub- Higher airspeed is not your friend. A nice slow/moderate speed does the trick. 🙂

  • Updated A330- Step climb is most definitely your friend. Initial test was starting out at FL320 @ M.82 As you burn off weight (fuel) you’ll be able to climb higher and use those higher altitudes to your benefit. Start in the lower cruise altitudes. prevents you from stalling too!

  • Updated A10- similar in regard to the A330. Stay lower at first to burn off some weight before attempting to go higher.

  • Added: Legend for the symbols used to notate some important items about certain aircraft.

  • yes, I realize the Super Decathlon is still there. We shall remember it 4eva!

  • Added: Google Drive link to the PDF so that you can reference it however you’d like.


How does FL factor into the consumption? How can we calculate the most efficient FL at each weight stage?

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