Infinite Flight Frequent Flyer Program

Almost one-hundred votes! 👍

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@Maxmustang - Honored, thanks!

@Marshall_Hilfman …votes are nice and all, but it’ll be the decision as to whether or not FDS decides to implement that counts the most.


Bumping this!

I love this idea! It would be a great way to congratulate all the extremely devoted for their hours they have put in to Infinite Flight!

Cool idea so I voted. As a loyal United member I appreciate the recognition I get and it does mean something to have that IRL and in IF.

I appreciate the resurrection of this request!

Obviously people have cleared out their votes over the past few months, but hopefully this or something similar is considered by Infinite Flight, LLC someday.

I have somehow missed this thread completely. Finally had the chance to read through it.

This is more extensive, but it is in a way ‘competing’ with the Grade system we have now, or am I missing something?

For IF it’s important to attract new players and to find ways to keep existing customer spawning and flying. We need to fill our virtual skies, and this topic encourages existing pilots to fly.

I do like the rewards part: it’s not a big discount, but it helps. Who knows FDS might even decide the increase the discount. After all, the discount will be compensated by extended subscriptions.

The landings per 90 days should be closer to what’s required to the current Grade system I think. Currently a Grade 4 needs to do 100 landings and a Grade 5 a minimum of 200 landings per 90 days. So I propose the alter Ryan’s proposal as follows:

  • Million XP Club – Grade 3 minimums (15 hours, 30 landings)
  • Silver – 50 Hours, 60 Landings
  • Gold – 80 Hours, 100 Landings
  • Platinum – 120 hours, 200 landings

This is a lot, but hey, you want it to really mean something, right!

Great topic Ryan! You’ve got my vote🌷


I qctually like this system better Like i love flying this game and sometimes i dont fly for my VA and may do some of the worlds longest flights but in doing that and having a life i dont have time to maintain tier 4 or 5 status. It seems that people either do a ton of touch and goes to level up rather than fly tours like you see real pilots do but when flying realistic flights along actual routes you don’t necessarily have rime to fly constant tours. This system seems to allow those who take thid game seriously to be rewarded without dedicating their lives to touch and go practice just to achieve stats.

I like it, separates the casual flyers to the experienced regular flyers

I’d totally vote for this, if only the requirements were lowered, because very few people actually have over a million XP. I get this is like a reward for being so active on IF, but if the lowest status was like just above the Grade 5 requirements, instead of being at like a million+. I don’t know a single person apart from the leaderboards with over 4 million XP.

So if you lower the requirements, I’d totally vote for this!

That ruins the purpose of the post then. It’s suppose to be for the MOST loyal and committed

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How about a frequent flyer subscription discount! 🤩

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If that was included I would understand the extremely high XP requirements.


I remember when I began flying on Infinite Fight logging on to fly and seeing a Grade 5 was rare, they were special. That Grade Level seemed unattainable. Now with the ability to fly longer distances and rack up XP rather easily, it’s not as rare. Almost everyone I know is Grade 5, it’s become strange to be any other Grade level.

I removed one of my votes for this but would like for more emphasis to be put on the hours and not XP.

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I would love this to be feature as we have to pay for the game and when we finish a flight all we get is the following:

  • A new Grade - if earned during flight

  • A violation - if given during flight

  • Our flight time - from the first moment you lift off the ground

  • Our XP - from lift off to landing

  • A report - if given at any stage from spawn in

It would sit perfectly next the landings stat.

Great Feature Request! As an avid IF user with over 2M XP, I would love to see this implemented into IF. Finally something more to look forward to after getting that Grade 5 a looong time ago ;) You definitely got my vote!

This gets one the sacred votes – having something beyond the current grading system would be excellent. The grade 5 thing has been debated over and over and this is something that take it a step further.

The best thing is the career XP – that’s the step further that would make the grading/ tier allocation what it is. On that basis it will mean proper experience tiers rather than just taking a 172 and getting to a grade 5 in a tiny amount of time with limited previous XP and therefore limited previous flying time.

Career landings – this could potentially have the same idea as the grade 5 but as you said significantly more than the current requirement which will need a lot more commitment to achieve it. Still a good idea but ultimately just a larger scale grading system based on what we already have.

Career landings to violations – some of this could work but the one thing I personally disagree with is the “maximum career violations threshold” idea. This will limit everyone who has either previously gained too many violations or are nearing that threshold and will also not give them the opportunity to improve and progress just because they may have messed up in the past. Negative on this one.

Landings/flight time in the Past 90 days – You did say controversial but it’s true. If you go on holiday or want to take a break and do something else this would punish you for it. It’s the equivalent of having to put in a leave of absence request with a virtual airline in order to retain levels. Negative on this one.

Rewards – good idea, much scope.

To implement all of this on one system could make things hugely complicated, so in my opinion the only thing that would be needed is the “Career XP” idea. This will kind of incorporate the career landings/violation ratio/90 days into one system in a roundabout way.

Either way a fresh “approach” (sorry) to the grading system is well overdue.

Good times.

I would be in favour of this idea if their was a exemption for those who have 10,000 total flight time hours and who are still committed to flying on here but don’t have time to fly on grade 4 and 5 level or even 3.

Hope you could implement a special exemption for this! 🙂

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Ah yes…

Welcome to Infinite Flight Airlines.

Voted, I would like to see something like this ‘similar to an achievements type of system’