Infinite Flight Frequent Flyer Program

Feature Request – Infinite Flight Frequent Flyer Program

Please note, I have run this idea past a couple mods and there is general support between those I’ve checked with with regard to this request, which is why I’m posting…

A lot of pilots in Infinite Flight care a lot about their grade level. I also understand that a lot of pilots also don’t care very much. As IFATC, I am also aware that Grade level does not equal skill level. However, I think this feature request idea would excite those who do care, and possibly motivate those who currently don’t to become motivated.

Over Labor Day weekend I went to visit my parent’s house. My Dad had flown over a million miles on United throughout his working career. I knew he had flown a million miles, but I had never seen the neat package United gave him for this accomplishment until my visit. This packet included a neat card and benefits of being a life-long United customer who had reached that goal.

For those who have reached grade 5, there isn’t much else to shoot for other than to keep up your minimum requirements.

This request is to add career club level tiers beyond Grade 5 for Infinite Flight pilots.

I think it would be neat if we had the following tiers:

  • Infinite Flight Million XP Club

  • Infinite Flight Silver Status

  • Infinite Flight Gold Status

  • Infinite Flight Platinum Status

I know there is much debate about minimum requirements for Grade 3, 4 & 5. So if this were worked on to be implemented by FDS, there should be discussion about what the requirements for each tier status would be.

Since these are Infinite Flight ‘career’ goals, the following should be taken into consideration:

Career XP
Obviously a million XP to be part of the first tier.

Initial thoughts for additional tiers…please know I’m not familiar with how many users outside of Mods/Devs have reached the following….

  • Silver - 2 million XP
  • Gold - 4 million XP
  • Platinum - 7 million XP

Career Landings
This would have to be significantly more than the minimum requirements for Grade 5. Initial thoughts are…

  • Million XP Tier – 1500
  • Silver Tier – 2500
  • Gold Tier – 3500
  • Platinum Tier - 5000

Career Landings to Violation Ratio
To be part of a tier, you need to have achieved a minimum landing to violations ratio.
If a ratio can’t be calculated into a specific tier level, then perhaps a maximum career violations threshold can be implemented. Initial thoughts are…

  • Million XP Club - 150 career violations
  • Silver Tier – 200 career violations
  • Gold Tier - 300 career violations
  • Platinum Tier – 400 career violations

The maximum number of career violations would be INCREASED as you move up tiers, as we all make mistakes from time to time. It’s also expected that the more you fly, the more likely it is you will accrue a violation.

Landings/flight time in the Past 90 days
I realize this may be controversial, but I think in order to keep your status that you must be an active pilot. However, since these are career focused goals I don’t think they should be as intense as maintaining Grade 5 status. Yes, this means you can be a Gold Tier Member, but if you don’t maintain it you can be dropped back to a grade 3.

Initial thoughts for this are…

  • Million XP Club – Grade 3 minimums (1 hour, 5 landings)
  • Silver – 5 Hours, 20 Landings
  • Gold – 15 Hours, 30 Landings
  • Platinum – 30 hours, 40 landings

What potential rewards could be offered for reaching each tier level? I don’t work for FDS, but I think different colored tags indicating your earned career status as well as a nominal discount off subscriptions and/or giveaways aren’t a bad idea.

Initial thoughts…

  • Million XP Club – Infinite Flight logo colors tag. 0.5% off next monthly or 1% off next yearly subscription. Million XP Club certificate e-mailed to pilot.
  • Silver Tier – Silver colored tag. 1% off next monthly or 2% off next yearly subscription. Silver Tier Certificate E-mailed to pilot. 1 additional month of Infinite Flight added on to your current subscription for free.
  • Gold Tier – Gold colored tag. 2% off next monthly/3% off next yearly subscription. Gold tier certificate e-mailed to pilot. 2 months of Infinite Flight added on to your current subscription for free.
  • Platinum Tier – Platinum colored tag. 3% off next monthly/4% off next yearly subscription. Platinum certificate e-mailed to pilot. Infinite Flight limited edition Platinum Status T-Shirt mailed to pilot. 3 months of Infinite Flight added on to your current subscription for free.

I appreciate your thoughts and feedback.


I usually have something that bothers me on most features, but this just does it. This idea is actually perfect; I couldn’t find a single flaw. Great idea! I’ll clear a vote now and vote for it.


Awesome idea! Sadly, I’m out of votes.
Remember to vote for your own ideas!

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This is actually a really great and well thought out idea. You’ve got my vote.


I would love this idea! I think it would bring a completely new way of playing, and gives people yet another reason to come back.
You got my vote!


Got my vote too. I think something like this is awesome and helps sustain interest!


The idea is nice… However,

  • The career landing violation part doesn’t make sense to me in the way that it’s a “Frequent Flier Program” so why does the quality of how you fly have to do with how frequent you fly. That’s something that should only be for Grade’s.

  • The landing requirements should be slightly decreased as if you did even 5 landings every day it would take you almost 1,000 days (3 years) to reach platinum.


i love the idea, im glad your’e being productive while at work :)


I appreciate the feedback.

You are right that it’s a frequent flier request. I suggested violations because with grade levels as they are configured today we have violation thresholds. I felt as though to maintain continuity with the grading system that is currently in place that violations (in some form, ratio or hard number) should be considered.

The # of landings, XP, etc… are just initial thoughts on numbers, not what will or should be implemented. That decision is beyond me anyway.

The point I am trying to make with the tiers and the numbers I thought of is that it SHOULD take a while to achieve a certain tier. It keeps the pilot coming back for more, thus helping maintain business for IF. The rewards, whatever they are or end up being, should also be incentive as well.

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Wow! Just wow. This is an amazing idea and excellently thought out. Deserves a vote.


This would be a great way to add incentive to those wishing to move up in tier levels. I’ve had vote or three sitting around for something like this. This could be a game changer, and one certainly in the right direction. ✅ Nicely done!


I love all the thought you have put into this


This is one of the best feature requests I’ve seen so far. Really looking forward to this being implemented in IF in the near future.

I do agree that the grade system needs some overhauls after Global, and this is a much better idea then only changing the grade system requirements (eg. increasing requirements for Grade 3, reduce requirements for Grade 5 etc) as many have suggested.

You’ll have my precious vote 👍


Thank you for the support of the idea and all of the feedback thus far. My only regret is using the word ‘neat’ three times within a span of a few sentences. HA!


Thanks for explaining, you have my vote. By the way, it’s kinda funny how silver is on top of gold since usually gold is after silver, and instead of platinum I think it the highest honors name should be unique to IF. Something like “Infinite Globetrotter”.


Good idea. The tiers could very well be given IF-centric names. I didn’t catch the gold/silver order…I guess I was just excited to share the general idea of what was going on in my head when I woke up at 3am for work…I’m going to fix this in the OP.


Actually this really sounds good. Got my vote for sure.


Love this idea, unfortunately I’m out of votes.


Wow…well organized and thought out. You earned my vote without a doubt.


I love the idea (voted), but maybe go silver, gold, plat, then 10 million?