Infinite Flight Freezing

Recently when I’ve done some flights and at random points of the flight IF just freezes. I’ve done all the basic things and they aren’t working, what should I do? I’ve made sure that it’s not my device since other apps work perfectly fine. I should also add the audio still works when it freezes.

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Infinite flight can be very taxing on one’s device, as opposed to other apps. What device do you mainly use for Infinite Flight? Does it have the latest operating system?

I have the latest IOS update and my device is the iPad Air 2

The iPad Air 2 is from 2014 so the performance can be a lot slower than the newer devices. It’s current operating system is also behind the newer devices that have iOS 13.5.1. Here are some settings that you can use in order to have the best experience possible with your device


Thanks, I already use those settings. It happens at airports with no other aircraft around even.

I would advise putting all settings on Low and see if that helps. As that report in the image above is from more than 2 years ago.

I’ve already done that…

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Well if its struggling at empty airports even with every setting on low - thats generally a sign that it can’t really cope with IF any more.

It might not be a bad idea to invest in a newer device. Doesn’t have to be the newest. 6 years is a very long time in device years.

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I would perhaps suggest maybe getting one of the newer regular iPads - such as the iPad (6th Gen) which isn’t that expensive but offers great performace.

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