Infinite Flight Freezing

I keep having an issue in mid flight and when pushing back and taxiing. Doesn’t happen all the time but I have noticed it a lot. Infinite Flight just seems to freeze and the screen or camera seems to move very rapidly. Occasionally it sorts itself out, but most of the time I have to close the app or the app closes itself.

I know there is a post from October 2017 and Laura had said that the hotfix should have solved it. Nothing has solved it. I’m not sure if it is Infinite Flight or my tablet. I have tried uninstalling apps to clear space and clearing ram using clean master, nothing has solved it. Last time this happened was a couple of hours ago. Details below.

Google Pixel C
Android Version: 8.1.0
Memory: 64GB
Processor: Nvidia Tegra X1 256 core Maxwell GPU

Hope this information is suitable


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Hi there. I have a Pixel C also and will try to help you out.

When you say the screen moves, are you referring to it quickly shaking back and forth?

I have had this happen randomly when I am using the camera and moving it around. Sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly. I even did a factory reset and it still occurred. So far the best advice is to make sure you reboot before long flights, kill background running apps, and enable do not disturb mode.

Give that a try and see if it improves. If it happens again, see if you can get another device to take a quick 10 second video of it.


Yes, it does shake back and forth. It just does it randomly even on a short flight.

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Yeah I have seen this and have been working on being able to reproduce it.

Are you running on high graphics with anti-aliasing on?


Yes I think I am running on these settings. I’ll try and turn them down and see what happens.

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So far my luck has been as I land and am taxiing to the gate I go to the external camera and thats when it seems to happen. A little frustrating to not park at the gate after a nice flight.


I’m not the expert here as I don’t have the device so Chris is your best bet for that but I just wanted to make sure that you have limit frame rate on because without it my device too freezes a lot.


I also have been having this problem on my ipad Pro.
Here are some tipps that mabye will work/help:

  • clearing all the apps you have open

  • reinstalling the app

  • checking your wifi connection

  • checking if your device is on latest version

I hope some of these tipps will work ;)

Have a nice day,

Pilot M


I’ve also had the same problem on iPhone 6s but it’s just freezes when I spawn. Problem just started after the Scenery update

iPhone 6s 64gb space
Latest iOS version

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Good to know it’s not just happening to me then. One thing I forgot to mention, the sound keeps playing in the background when it freezes. When I press the menu button, the sound goes off and when I press the menu button again, the sound comes back on again.

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Yes I have limit frame rate on but it still does it. I might have to turn the graphics settings down and turn anti-aliasing off.

Yeah I noticed that too. I will see if I can get a video of it. It is not a normal freeze.

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This is something I want to jump in on quickly, as I think I may also be able to help.
Along with Chris and a couple of others, I own a Pixel C. I also have my 2XL and my 1 still, and have been trying to reproduce on both the phones. The tablet sadly isn’t working currently so I cannot reproduce currently. I’ve noticed that my Pixel 1 runs mostly fine with some periodic lag, however my Pixel 2XL has been the victim of some pretty violent app crashes recently, however I believe this is unrelated.

My theory with the Pixel C is the fact that instead of an Adreno, Kirin or Apple GPU, it runs a Tegra X1. Processors like this are less used and more difficult to optimise fir. My conclusion being that the Pixel C’s CPU/ GPU combination is the killer for this tablet, and as the updates have rolled out, the tablet hasn’t been able to keep up very well.


Is there any hotfix available to solve this issue or not. Just wondering that’s all.

Currently there is not, however if I reported the issue fully, we might be able to work something out.
However, as I said, I don’t think it’s the app sadly.

I’ll leave this in the hands of Chris now as my hands are tied at this point 😔

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same problem for me too

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iPad Mini 2 is very old for a apple device, I have an iPad Air 2 that often lags on those settings, i would reccomend running limit frame rate and turning at least some settings down to low or medium.

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Ok, usually devices lag when there are multiple aircraft near you, like landing at LAX on the training server, so just be cautious and prepared when you land at a heavy traffic airport.

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Ok lets keep it on topic please. This is not a generic catch all for performance issues thread. This is a specific issue.

Replying with a device lagging is not the same issue as the OP.
Replying with your plane disappearing and reappearing is not the same issue at the OP.


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