Infinite flight freezing

Hello friends.
I have a problem that I started from yesterday to today. On flights the infinite lfight was freezing that it even looked like it would close, but then it would come back. This was repeated several times. To understand better what was happening was that I would take off and freeze and come back. This happened a lot on 06/07 and 06/06. We landed this too and wanted to know if this is happening to anyone.

-I uninstalled and installed
I cleaned the cache
I turned the router off and then turned it back on.

All these attempts the problem continues.

Ipad mini 2 32gb technical card:

Thank you for your attention.

Have you tried disabling Anti-Aliasing, lowering your graphics settings (set rendering quality and resolution to low ) and enabling limit frame rate at all? Also, lowering aircraft count may assist as well especially when in busy airspace.

Yes! I tried to leave it OFF, but the problem continued. I thought it was the “Enable Automatic Low Power” option but the problem continues.

Have you restarted your device lately? I have found that to help me a lot of times.

Try lowering your aircraft count and lowering your rendering quality and resolution should help as well.

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I’d done it and I’ll try again

As I fly in Brazil that has few people do you think I would have to lower the resolution? This adjustment is no longer in crowded places?

You can also try clearing your ram up. Hold the power button until the slider appears then hold the home button until the screen goes away. It clears all the useless files in your ram and speeds your device up a lot. i do this quite often

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Do you have the limit frame rate setting on in the graphics setting? If not make sure this is on at all times.

I’ll try this too. thanks

Thanks for the attention, friends. I’ll try what you told me. I’m going to make a flight as soon as I give a feedback. Thank you again!

Since there was many great suggestions use this as a checklist to see what works:

  • Lower Rendering Quality
  • Lower Rendering Resolution
  • Limit Frame Rate (make sure this is enabled)
  • Lower Aircraft Count

Be sure to restart your device before flights!

Best Regards,


Hello friends! Problem solved!

Two attempt that solved my situation which may be your case this happens:

-I restarted my device

I cleaned the Ram memory of my Ipad Mini 2.
Conclusion: The momentary freeze has stopped.

Thank you very much for the attention of all who tried to help me. Meet you in the skies of the Infinite flight!