Infinite Flight Freezes on iPad during flight

Hi EveryBody
I am using iPad (6th generation) for Infinite-Flight. After hotfix version 18.05.01 released, I encountered freezing sometimes during flight (particularly long hauls). Unfortunately, after recent update (18.06) I encounter freezing almost in all of my flights even short ones and even on the ground. These freezings last 10 to 20 seconds and if they take more than this time, my app will crash. I usually do the famous procedure of IF moderators recommendations as bellow:
1- deleting app
2- restart my device
3- delete or add another application to change the memory location for new loading and installation of IF. (This is my own thought)
4- I check out if there is any new updates for iOS or not.
5- restart again my device
6- download and install IF.
I have done above procedures yesterday and update my device iOS to 12.1.1 and reinstalled IF again. In first flight (about 35min) I had no freezing at all but I have encountered freezing in 2nd flight and in 3rd flight more freezing and finally my app crashed.
By the way my device is iPad (6th generation) 32GB and almost half of my memory is free.
In addition I just flew by B737-800 and 900.
Can any moderator help me?

Have you tried putting your graphics to medium/low?

No. I always (from the first day of Global release) I use the best quality. I always want to have my flights more enjoyable.

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Medium graphics don’t change your scenery that much. I would really recommend to try this out, it might be better than you expected

Does your device heat up at all? Is it plugged in? I am reading about the 5th Generation iPad and it is recommending to have your aircraft count low or medium

Thank you Maxim for your advice. But why it happened for this rather powerful device? iPad 6G is one of the latest versions of iPad. In addition I haven’t had any problem with the appliction before 18.05 release.


Was the airport busy by a chance or your departure? Or the airspace?

Well Ipad 6 generation does have some older hardware, but I doubt thats your issue, my mini 4 still rins at full graphics smoothly, so 99% thats not you’re problem…

It has very usual heat. As always. I haven’t had any overheating.

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Well the graphics on the 737 series was reworked to an extreme this past update. I have a iPhone 7 and it struggles with the extreme graphics that the 737 has now, even with a restart. I think it is the graphics of the 737 if you are flying it is to high. I would lower them and see what happens

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The 737 might use more space, because it had a rework. You only tried it on the 737, so again. Why not use medium graphics? You can always change it again

Frankly I wouldnt call the 737s graphics “extream” it really didnt have too much graphical work done, and I notaced no change on my device…

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Hotfix 18.05.01 is the key clue for the moderators to solve this problem. As I said this problem start to happen after releasing version 18.05.01 And by 18.06 it gets worse.


Also what stage of flight are you expearinging problems, and under what circumstances?

Let’s try to lower the aircraft graphics to medium and hopefully there is a better result. I tried to fly a flight on my iPhone 5, it could not last a couple of minutes

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Ya, we can surely try it, I’m just not comvinced thats the issue…

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In all stages. Even on the ground of origin airport. Yesterday my app crashed when I was taxiing to the runway. Today crashed in climbing. Almost among any 5-6 freezing, 1 of them gets crashed.

Let’s just say this isn’t a graphics issue? Anybody got any suggestions? No?

@Ehsan_Khodaei have you noticed running issues on any other applications? Is your iPad slow to boot, struggles to play flappy birds (idk), or is it purely IF that’s the problem?

And can anyone else with this model of iPad report the same issue?


No. my device had almost 70% charge.

No. My device is fast and I am very satisfied with other apps.
As I said this problem started with 18.05.01 and gets very worse with 18.06
I usually try to keep my device updated.