Infinite Flight Free Solo

If you have never watched that movie, you should.


I have solo.

Solo is free.

Free Solo.

So recently, in case you did not know, Infinite Flight changed the annual cost of a sub to north of $100 instead of the ~80 it used to be. That was a very nice move. Except for the fact that I won’t be able to afford it anytime soon and that it will discourage people from having IF for over a month, but that’s all part of the plan I guess.

Well before you leave IF, I just wanted to say…

It’s not IF or nothing.

The dark world of not having pro awaits you. It is often overlooked but it is frankly very nice and is still a great sim.

Here are some pictures taken without pro to show you that it’s not just pro or nothing, solo is free, and it’s amazing.

These were taken in the regions of Italy, LA, SFO, Cape Town, Lihue, Honolulu and Nevada.

737 taking off outbound to SFO

Departure from LAX

Arrival into PHNL

Departing from the Reef Runway

KLM’s Queen arriving into Zurich


Guess the location

Touch and Goes at every airport in Hawaii

See, it’s not too bad! You have many 3D airports as well as nice scenery and many newer planes!

Before I leave, I want to say THANK YOU to all the people working hard on 3D airports, I mean ALL the people working countless hours behind the scenes to push out beautiful airports every month. I am extremely grateful for you all.

Thank you!




They extended Hawai’i up to Lihue? How nice of FDS to include the entirety of the Hawaiian islands.



Awesome story Robert! Nice photos!

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now this is my kind of topic

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I loved watching Free Solo and awesome topic!

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No. Want a hint?

Yay another viewer!

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It was probably my favorite documentary.

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Sure! I would like a hint!

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Northwest America in the region

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Hmm never thought Of it like that

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