Infinite Flight FPL Converter

I don’t find the flight data section. Can anyone show me Were this is.

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What is the post for exactly…?🤔

I’m not sure I understand what you’re trying to say…

Update never mind I understand now…


I can’t find the flight data section, read the instructions in the first pic. Were they say ‘under flight data section click on decode’, can’t find that. Does anyone know were it is :)


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It’s in French for me but it’s in the same place…

Did you find the flight data section? I can’t seem to see it 🤔

Correction: saw it

Thanks! It helped! :)

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I think in English it’s written. “Details” or “flight details”
Or something like that…

It’s not appearing for me

I’m not used to flight away but I guess it’s because it hasn’t taken off yet

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Probably that, I’ll try and see an only schedule of the same flight.

It’s the same

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That’s probably because Flightaware doesn’t support this region/doesn’t have data for this region. Go to the US and take a look there, almost every aircraft has full data available.

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I’ll try the US flight aware, I’m on the UK one now. And yes it may not support this region

I don’t mean the website, I am talking about the region/country you are looking at.

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Yep, I understood that.

You were right @Starley. Thanks for your help.


This will be of some help as well. Ask any future questions in the topic linked below. Thanks.