Infinite Flight Forum Members, put your location on the map!

Optional, and it is anonymous!
Instrutions: You click the link, then click add marker, then, put your location, DO NOT put anything in the name box, or else everyone will know where you live(unless you want that). Then click add marker, and boom!



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What do you mean?

Are you just suppose to put where you are in the map?

Yeah I added Instrutions also.

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Oh…OK. Thanks for clarifying.

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Totally new idea to me. Cool. Let’s see where people flock :-)

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That’s pretty cool. I added my location just now

Now stalk me, my fans


You got fans…?

Who’s living in Antarctica?

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If someone is my fan, they stalk me.

Put my city in there, GB Wisconsin Go Pack Go

From antartica probably ;-)

Lol “weenie”

Public service Announcment:

Who did this? 😂

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nickchan stalled upside down

I can’t find the Hades. Search for me as King of the Underworld on Facebook.

Someone who wanted to joke around likely

Damn Carson, right by ISP.

I know quite a few people out in Ronkonkoma-Guess I can add you to that list