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For over two days now I have not been able to login to the forum login page to check my stats…it just keeps looping over to select user account and btw …l also notice that number of landings was drastically different from the number dispayed in the IF Flight Tracker app for android…is there a reason for that statistical variation assuming that the FT app is just reading it from the IF site…any suggestions or info would be appreciated…

Clear your cache.

With regards to login on the Infinite Flight website, this has been brought up.

The data source for user stats has been updated recently as some of the data (including landing counts) wasn’t showing the correct value. I believe Infinite Tracker hasn’t been updated to use this new format yet. However, LiveFlight does show the correct stats using the updated data source :)

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Nothing wrong with that.

Since l have an android device… l use Val’s FT app more than yours…so l guess he will update that soon as well

Was able to login OK today…but thx to all for your help…

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