Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition | Voting

Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition | Voting

Hello everyone! You can now start voting! I have adjusted the dates a bit.

12/27 - Regular Voting Opens
12/28 - Public Voting Opens
1/1 - Voting Closes
1/2 - Results are released

Vote Today!

This topic will be switched from lounge to meta tomorrow


Mine & Joes “funniest” are the same. Links to his whale posts


What a fantastic idea, this is a lovely idea and a brilliant way of recognising us TL3, the secret foundation blocks of the IFC.

I’m really chuffed to be nominated for best contributor! Thank you, means a lot.

Well done to all nominated and to all whom contributed, Thank you ‘Lounge’, @JRRaviation and merry Christmas all.

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I just went by the nominations sheet lol. I’ll fix it

I used this one for you:

Schyllberg - " My friend got banned until 3017 "

Let me know if you want me to change it.


Works fine for me! :)


How is the B777 rework even on the best features requests list. There are many other things that are far better which haven’t or were not recently reworked unlike the B777 which got reworked slightly with the B787 update. Did many people submit nominations or not as it’s doesnt seem it?

I’m sorry but that is the funniest post I’ve seen. I still laugh to this day when I see it. 😂


Wow…pumped for one of my feature requests to be nominated…Awesome!

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It was nominated sooo. And the feature request had to be made in 2017


Whoever said this, none of those VAs were nominated

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Some impersonator guy appears to have been included in your poll. He goes by the alias of ewanfleming, but he is a clear fake as I am clearly the real Ewan, being The Longest Serving Regular That Isn’t Staff/a Mod™.

If he continues to be included in your poll, then the legitimacy of it cannot be justified and I, and others will have no choice but to disregard it immediately.

Kind thanks and many regards,


Real talk: why on earth has @Moritz and @Kilt_McHaggis both been missed out of the best Airport Editor category? They both do an unreal amount of work with very little recognition, compared to the people on that list.


I thought I had added them…weird. I’ll add them now.

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To whomever this was:

He was nominated for all the topics he was put in. This was unbiased as possible.

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Voting is now open for all users.

There is some solid flaws in this.

How is the IFVARB the best IFVARB approved organization? It’s like saying the FAA is the best FAA in the world.

Also, some seriously good controls where missed out on. Instead of the banned, never active Rowdy, try some greats like @LSZH34 or @MarcelloM.

There is several flaws in this, but, I can’t control that, at least your tired, and for the most, made a good poll. And thanks for a feature in there ;)


mfw i got nominated for something 😱

Hmm, either this is a glitch, or someone nominated me as one of the most helpful users. The knowledge of how that happened is beyond me. Lol 😂

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It’s slightly funny actually. I said IFVARB as a joke and it was actually taken seriously. Lol