Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition | Results

Infinite Flight Forum Awards 2017 Statement

Hello fellow pilots of the Infinite Flight Community,

The IFFA would like to make a few comments about this past year. 2017 was surely a year to remember for the world of Infinite Flight. Global Flight, the long awaited update was released, as well as a new UI and multiple new aircraft. This past year, we decided to remake the IFFA into something better. However, we have received feedback that we plan to change for the coming years.

New guidelines taking effect for 2018 Forum Awards:

  • Users will only be able to be nominated for 3 categories (maximum). This includes the user’s topics.
  • A team of new staff members will be introduced for the upcoming year. This will be in place to ensure proper and more professional communication between users.
  • Topics and post from previous years will not be accepted during the nomination time period. 2018 IFFA will only be posts and topics from 2018.
  • Categories will be reduced in number and have less user friendly categories removed.
  • Users will be able to give more feedback on the 2017 categories for future reference.
  • A new website will be introduced in the coming months.
  • Longer nomination periods.
  • Same nomination sheet for all trust levels.

We look to improve the 2018 forum awards to the best of our ability. 2017 was really a year for us to gather information on how we can make the next year better. We also want to ensure you that all results were closely examined, and no bias took place. Voting options were only based on the nomination sheet. 2018 has a lot to offer, so see you soon!

To give us more feedback on the 2017 Infinite Flight Forum Awards, and give us suggestions for 2018, please click HERE.

To give us some feedback on the 2017 categories, request new categories, and request old categories to be removed, please click HERE.

To apply to become apart of the IFFA staff, please click HERE. NOTE: We are only looking for a limited number of staff, and they will only be seasonal.

Timeline for 2018 Infinite Flight Forum Awards

November 7th, 2018 - Nomination categories will be released.
November 14th, 2018 - Nomination sheet will be released.
December 14th, 2018 - Nominations will be closed.
December 21st, 2018 - Voting form will be released.
December 31st, 2018 - Voting form will be closed.
January 2nd, 2019 - Results will be released, along with 2018 statement.

This timeline will be updated with various release dates, including the website release date

Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition | Results

This year, over 50 people nominated, while almost 150 people voted. We would like to thank everyone for their contribution to the Infinite Flight Forum Awards.

Forum Based

User Based

Interactive Based

  • Best Virtual Airline - Delta Virtual Airlines (DLVA)
  • Best Third Party App - @Cameron: LiveFlight
  • Best Third Party Contribution - Infinite Flight Airport Editing
  • Best Organization - IFVARB
  • Best Airport Editor - @Dush19
  • Best Youtube Channel - Infinite Flight
  • Best Social Media Page - Lauraviatrix

Game Based

  • Best New Feature - Global Flight
  • Best DC-10/MD11 Livery - Fedex | MD11
  • Most-Loved Region of Global - United States of America

We also want to thank @cleipelt for making the best Community Mixtapes. Check him out by clicking HERE.


Warm Regards, Chief 305…

Glad to see that @dush19 finally won something in his life


YOYLECAKE! 😁 gg no re

It’s only 2018 though… JKJk

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I actually surprised it was Chief…
“Warm Regards, Chief 305”… I am happy that the results came in!

Congrats! Looks like @DeerCrusher is very popular.


Congratulations to everyone!

I Knew @MishaCamp wouls be on the list (-:

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Congratulations to all who won the awards! Looking forward for it in the next edition! ;)

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This was a fantastic idea, congrats!

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Best event of the year! Woot woot!


and FYI… Its official! Im #JackBot2017!

Mods make this a special day!


Congrats to the winners…looks like my feature request (Frequent Flyer) lost to a somewhat disputed duplicate feature request. Oh well…suppose I’ll need to up the ante for next year…maybe I’ll duplicate my original request…ha! least @THE-OP won.


It was a nail biter to begin with, though the community spoke!


It’s still a shocker as to how exactly that happened in about 5 minutes 😂


Lol when I spelt January wrong

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You have never heard of Januarary? It is just before Octoberer and after Mayay


@dush19 this was for you lmaoo

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@JRRaviation you still got the Date wrong I don’t think it is 2019…

Wow! I’m humbled. Congratulations to all those who got awarded! 2017 was quite a year to say the least. Contributing to this forum in more ways that I expected, flying thousands of miles across the US, hundreds of hours of flight time, chatting with a lot of members on this community, and helping out with the IFVARB has surely impacted me. I’m not saying this because I’m sappy, but because aviation is something that I’m extremely passionate about. I’ve said this to a few folks in the past, I love to help folks get their mind set on their life long dream of becoming a pilot, if that’s something they wish to pursue. Most of the time it is. Its nice to see the aviation community, pilots, sim pilots, aviation enthusiasts, alike appreciate one another for the things they did over the course of the year. Looking forward to 2018, and so far its off to a solid start. 🙂

@THE-OP “Fastest in the Land 2018”? TBD?


Thank you everyone for allowing me to help keep our forums clean, it has been a hell of a ride in 2017 with contributions to this community. I cannot wait to see where not only this great simulator will go, but also this community. I have made many great freindships in my time here with awesome people, I cannot wait to see where we go in 2018!

Cheers everyone,
Toasty Regards,