Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition | Nominations

2nd Annual Infinite Flight Forum Awards | 2017 Edition

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, to the 2nd annual - Infinite Flight Forum Awards! This year, 2017, we have had a ton of events that blew the entire community away. From the release of Global - to the first flight of the 787-10, this year has truly been remarkable for the aviation world.

As many of you know, there was a brief topic made for the 2016 forum awards, but I do look to expand on that a little more. This year, there will be more categories for the General Public.

Here is the timeline for this year’s forum awards:

12/20 - Regular + Nominations open
12/23 - General Public Nominations Open
12/26 - All Nominations Close
12/28 - Voting Opens for Regulars +
12/30 - Voting Opens for General Public
1/2 - All Voting Closes
1/3 - Results are released

For some of you wondering why Regulars + get to vote and nominate first - and vote first - is to simply work out anything that needs to be changed or fixed.

Guidelines for Nominating

  • You will be required to have a Google account upon voting. This is for security purposes. Your email will remain confidential with the IFFA team.
  • When asked about the best topic, or anything of this nature, please provide a link.
  • When citing a username, please do NOT put the @ symbol. Example: MishaCamp
  • Please do not make this a popularity contest. Please be true to your mind and put honest answers. Your answers will not be shared with anyone, but please keep them appropriate.
  • We would also like to clarify that you may tell people to nominate certain things - but please PM people - and not have it in this topic. Remain modest.
  • Please be mature - and be a good sport - to ensure that we may continue to do these types of things in the future.

Here are your 2017 Infinite Flight Forum Awards Categories

(#) = Number of options when voting

Forum Based

User Based

  • Best Artist (4)
  • Best Photographer (4)
  • Best Infinite Flight Screenshoter (4)
  • Best Regular (5)
  • Best Expert ATC (4)
  • Best Profile Picture (5)
  • Best Profile Bio (5)
  • Best User Saying (4)
  • Most Helpful User (Non-staff, mod) (5)
  • Best new staff-mod member (3)
  • Most-Loved Moderator (5)
  • Funniest Moderator (5)
  • Most Strict Moderator (4)
  • Forum Contributor of the Year (5)
  • User of the Year (5)

Interactive Based

  • Best Virtual Airline (5)
  • Best Third Party App (3)
  • Best Third Party Contribution - Includes Airport Editing and IFVARB approved groups (Not VAs) (3)
  • Best Airport Editor (4)
  • Best Youtube Channel (3)
  • Best Social Media Page (5)

Game Based

  • Best New Feature (3)
  • Best DC-10/MD11 Livery (5)
  • Most-Loved Region of Global (5)

We would like to thank everyone who nominates. Thank you for such a great year. Best of luck for 2018!

Nominate HERE

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There was one:


I’m pretty confident I’ll win best profile picture ;)

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You would if there was a Longhorn on there 😉


Do the topics have to be created in 2017?

Close to it. So yes kindve


Added 2 new categories due to popular demand :)

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I just finished the Form… We will see who wins!!

DiscoBot for Strictest Mod!


Best profile bio I stand a chance 😂😂😂

Discobot is very strict don’t mess with the discobot
Please don’t tell discobot I said this plz he will ban me

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You should’ve given the options to vote upon, not to type them in.


Voting starts next week. I will use nominations to fill in voting options.


What does “Best Third Party Contribution” mean?

I feel like this is a bittersweet award to get, but it’ll be funny for the mods to have proof that they are the most strict lol

I like this idea, I’ve already thought out a few people for some of these categories!


Too many questions, gave up lol

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Not all of them are required. I think there is only 12 that you have to answer. Only those stared gave to be answered.

It means what’s groups make the game better. Like airport editing and stuff of that nature

@Swiss already swept the best YouTube polls.


I’m incapable of making these kinds of decisions…
cue discobot 8-Ball

Honestly, very neat and interesting. If I have time I’ll submit some nominations.