Infinite Flight Forum App for Android/iOS?


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Forum app
Infinite flight community as an app
Infinite Flight app for post
for more realism

Create a new app? It doesn’t seem very practical. How would you budget time for that? If all hours are already spent on Infinite Flight, what do you sacrifice so this other app to be created? See where I’m going with this? ;)


Not worth the trouble and money. It costs $100 a month to put an app in the App Store right? Not at ALL willing to use the app and have to view all these stupid ads for Clash Of Clans and other games designed to suck money, time, and life out of its players.

Best, Boeing707


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I thought it’s just $99/year to have an Apple Developer account which lets you publish whatever you want for free?


If someone is good at coding apps you can see if you can scrape some stuff together. I think Discourse released their API. Someone tried to make an app called DisGo but I don’t see it on the App Store so I don’t know what happened to it.


Idk where to post this so here it goes is it just me but shouldn’t this forum have an app?


This forum designed by, and it’s cross platform and mobile friendly. It must be easy to customise and update this way. So I don’t think you gonna see app anytime soon.


@Swang007 thanks for moving this I guess even though you check here everyday you should still search :)


Haha no problem. Honest mistakes happen all the time. Just recently I opened a topic that already existed (in one way or another).


You’re absolutely correct its just a fee of 100/year, after that whatever you post on the AppStore is ‘free’


I’m not exactly sure, but I heard it is very limited and only available on a case by case basis. I almost made an app and I wasn’t the only one but the API is where most people stopped. Basically the biggest thing you need the API for is logging in to Discourse through a third-party app.


So, is there an app for this website?


No there is not. There is the unofficial way of making a quick link to the website on your home screen (Which is different).


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On safari you can add the forum easily to your home screen as well, I have done it it works perfectly.


Little warning! using these method is not good experience. Try it. You’ll be back to website in no time. ;)

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