Infinite Flight Force Closing on startup

Hi, as the title mentions I keep getting a force close when trying to open Infinite Flight.

Device Specs:

  • LG G5 H850 (International)
  • Android 6.0.1 (completely stock)

Until a couple of days ago when I factory reset my device, the game opened perfectly opening every time. I have tried uninstalling the app (clearing data and cache) then restarting my phone and reinstalling. I have done this several times again to the same outcome.

It would be great if someone could help/point me in the right direction.

Many thanks

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While IF is qualified to run on Android 4 I would update the OS to the latest version and try reinstalling it.

Might want to add the ‘t’ in the title !!

As mentioned I’m running the LG G5 with Android 6.0.1 which came on the phone from being purchased

My bad I thought Android 7 was fully released and not in beta. I do apologize.

Not to worry, you are right in thinking its been released however, its only on Nexus devices at the moment

Hi @Brandon_Harper, have you tried to open the app with your data connection off (Wifi or Data mobile)?

Hi Alexander, yes I’ve tried still to the same black screen and force close message

Mine was crashing too, then I turned off the Wifi and the problem is gone. I thought it was the same problem so… Sorry for not helping. Good luck!

Just a quick update, it seems the problem is with v16.06.1. I’ve managed to pull the APK from another device of mine which has the v16.06.0 update and that loads fine.

Suppose i best wait for aother update to check whether that works or not.

Thanks for your suggestions though people! much appreciated

It has happened to me almost always. As soon as you try to launch it you’ll get the crash. Then the second time it opens right up.

I’ve been having a similar problem but mine would keep crashing over and over again.

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I had the problem where the app would go to the black screen (not even the splash screen) then FC.

I’ve restored my phone from an LG Backup I did in august and set it to restore all data. When looking for the obb files (saved in “Android” -> “Data” ) after doing a clean install from the Play Store the file size is only 35.5mb (which I thought was rather small?) for some reason there is no data files for Infinite flight anywhere.

Luckily I’ve managed to get the app working through using LG Backup.

Have you tried redownloading it? It happened to me once and it worked she I redownloaded although I wasn’t happy about having to download everything again

Hi, yeah I’ve redownloaded it several times now from the Play Store even factory reset my phone 4 times. However, restoring my phone from a stock backup I was able to get the app working again (although not via the play store)

Maybe it might be your device, but I doubt it, the LG G5 is quite new

Yeah I got the device when it was first released in the UK this year so it can’t be that

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