Infinite Flight for Windows?

Is there ANY chance that Windows is going to get a Version of Infinite Flight in the future? Because lots of people have been requesting it and there also has been a survery but we still don’t have a version for Windown/PC. Many people would like to have a Windows Version as they might not be able to play it on their phone because it’s quite a big and complicated simulator for a phone and many others don’t have a PC or don’t have a PC they can play the big Simulators on like xPlane11 etc. So everybody would be happy to have a Flight Sim for their PC, me and many other people would even be ok with it if we have to pay like 10€-15€ just for a Windows Version of it…

Infinite Flight was designed and optimized for the mobile environment. There are many other simulators that operate in the desktop realm. You never know what the future holds but for now there is no plan for Infinite Flight to be desktop based.