Infinite Flight for Samsung S10

Hi guys! I´m posting this to find out if Infinite Flight runs well on a Samsung S10, which I will receive very soon. That´s why I want to know the opinion of some S10

Welcome to the community! :)

It is a relatively new device, Any device that was made 2 years ago at least would run good with infinite Flight! Have you tried?

As an S10 user, yes this device is phenomenal in terms of performance. You can run it at max settings with a seamless flow. Also Samsung includes a screen dimmer, which essentially darkens your screen to the point where it’s basically off. Really useful for flights. Best value for money? Totally.


Well I got the S10e and my mom has the S10 which I have IF on too it works just fine.

This is such a great feature. I have it on my S9 and it’s amazing to get no screen burn doing very long hauls.

Over all i have to say the s10 is a good device, it runs on max graphics and still runs smooth. Though a side note sometimes the app crashes at random and makes this buzzing sound then restarts, the devs are working to fixing this issue as its still unknown what is causing it. But still I have to say it’s a good device to play on

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