Infinite flight for PC

Could you please tell me how to download infinate flight on my pc safely without being bombarded with a buch of crap apps

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Infinite Flight is a mobile only application and currently isn’t available for PC.

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Hello @Jeditimm just for future reference may we please keep the #support category for In App problems thanks 😁😁😁

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You could use an android emulator to download Infinite Flight on PC through BlueStacks although it isn’t supported by Infinite Flight themselves.

The only app you need to download Infnite Flight is BlueStacks, so I wouldn’t see how you would be bombarded with a bunch of apps :/.

Take a look here, maybe this will help you

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Not sure if this is in the tagged thread or not, but it’s not recommended using an emulator as sometimes it can come off as their being an issue with the app but in reality it’s usually the emulator.

Just wait for Microsoft flight sim 2020 and play that :)

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