Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


Yeah obviously, FSX is a lot better than IF, that’s just a simple reason why it might be worse than IF


I prefer IF on consoles beacuse there is no flight simulators with commercial planes.


You don’t have to set fsx to bounce like that, you can turn crash settings on or off.

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I read a few comments in here about making IF available for consoles. THIS would be huge. It’s a completely untapped market with no competition (aka no options for me to load up on my XB1), and with the keyboard and joysticks on the controller it might actually work pretty well.

Agree that it’s a cool thought to bring to PC, but I don’t think you’d get anyone to switch from FSX or Xplane. Those seem to be lightyears ahead with scenary etc. Console though? Different story!

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There’s really no option for a realistic flight sim on console, everything’s just too difficult with the controller. Think about warthunder


So this post was created in 2015… any news about it? i would love to have it on pc!!!

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You actually can have a crash in FSX… you just need to turn off the setting. In reality I agree with what most people say, unless the PC version would be designed with working instruments and switches. Especially considering companies like PMDG where everything works… I dont know if the devs would be willing to program that much and for that reason I believe IF should just stay on mobile. IF is just too far behind on graphics, features and aircraft that it wouldnt make sense.


Im getting a Razor Blade 15 soon and was planning on downloading X-Plane or something like that but if you guys put IF on PC Im definitely downloading that instead! ✈️


I will love if the IF will appear on PC, but I think it will be more harder for the development team. The PC can improve the users’ in-flight experience and specially ATC. Man when I was on control a big airport with heavy traffic on a 6 by 3 in. phone, it wasn’t really a enjoyable time. But imagine on my 15 in. laptop, using a mouse to move around and click the commands, WOW!

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And mac it will be good


My biggest question is what would be the recommended and minimum PC requirements, because not everyone operates a high end gaming laptop.

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please no, if it’s comes to PC all the good stuff will come to PC only and mobile users will stay with the leftovers ;.;

just like xplane/aerofly on mobile vs xplane/aerofly on PC,. i want IF to stay loyal to Mobile/Ipad devices, it’s the best flight simulator on mobile and it’s should stay on mobile


Dont be so defiant lol


If you really think about it, IF is specifically meant for mobile, wouldn’t you all (you all meaning the IFC community as a whole) think that there would be competitors such as FSX, XPlane10/11, P3D, etc. etc. If so, I think people would still stick to mobile, because after getting a computer with atleast the recommended specs (if you don’t have one already) then buying the game once again, then deciding, if the game is compatible with keyboard & mouse like FSX although it is way more difficult, or you can use something such as a simulated yoke, which cost’s even more money. So for people that want to have a budget flight simulation experience, you would stick with mobile.


What do you think the rough price tag would be


it would be amazing on pc


For my part it’s up to the developers to decide.
I think at the beginning of your adventure, you give yourself a challenge, which is to make a quality flight simulator on mobile platforms.
And over the years, you’ve improved it to a point of being recognized around the world.


It’s time to Infinite flight to evolve to others devices and expend.


I think this would be a good frontier to explore mods and addons. Along with 3d buildings and airport services.


I personally have only an IPhone that I can Use IF on, and I would love to be able to use IF on my windows computer. Also, do you think there is a way that if we have already purchased IF on IOS, we wouldn’t have to pay the 5 dollars again to get it on PC? Or will it cost money on PC? Let me know!!