Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


I voted yes. But I would say adding more features to the current mobile version is more important.
I love to see the game on PC. But there are many options currently that does that for a period of time. The connect app kind of allows you to test IF on PC. People can just stream mobile on PC and use live connect to play it on PC. It would be great to add a complete version for PC, but adding more features to IF would be a better choice.
For example adding buildings, giving more control to the caption, allowing aircrafts to have a pilot and co-pilot, and more! Adding these features will attract more users to playing this game than adding a PC version!
But if you think current features are good and more would be added after creating the PC version I would say let’s do it.
Adding more features before expanding the game is a better choice in my opinion ;)

Wish the best for you and your team!

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As long as it would cost the same as on ios, then yes.


You guys should try to make it compatible with 32x bit operating systems and processers as well as the 64xbit one.
This sounds like a great idea!


Is it coming to windows or is it a maybe?

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As much as we would love it to come to Windows, the topic is over three years old! Not saying there isn’t hope, but I don’t think it will happen.


It would also be great if this was on Mac also!

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Any recent news about IF being added to PC? It would seriously help ATC control much easier.


@iSxythe. I think Cbro has a valid point - Infinite Flight on PC would be awesome, but this post being 3 years old, and nothing has been said about it… I think you know where I’m going with it.

FDS use a PC version to help development. But, it isn’t released to the public.

Infinite Flight is, and will probably be on Mobile. At least for a few years yet :)

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I found this after a rabbit hole involving nickchan and my first posts. Oy. Anyways, I do think that regardless of this being over 3 years old, this still should be completely valid and continuously worked on by the devs. If we can fight x-plane on mobile, we can fight them anywhere.


DEFINITELY!!! That would be Great:)


20180925_130841 when your scrolling thru discord and you find this


This would be amazing my phone would be able to rest overnight while I’ll be doing long hauls on my laptop instead.


It will be great to have it on windows version too.

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You can…


I agree, but I would want Laura to make the PC version have good senery. Since most PC’s have enough space for the scenery, I think they should stop using the current senery and upgrade it in a PC build


I mean if you just make it either really expensive to use PCs resources well, or make it really cheap if it uses a ton of resources (like an expensive PC). I don’t like bringing up pricing, but just a thought!



this discussion has been going on since 2015. i personally would like a IF on pc more that it on mobile. on the go when im out of the house and look to pass time i dont even use IF as flight usually take more then 15mins and after such time in busy again only at home i complete flights so why not make it on pc where i can have a bigger display and a more realistic experience with joysticks and other attachments compatible with a pc version. Again it been 3 years come on with it!

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I disagree. Personally, I think that Infinite Flights charm is being built around a mobile game, and would not have the same thrill on PC. While X-Plane may be built for this, Infinite Flight is not. On top of that, imagine the costs, as we all know any PC game will be naturally more expensive, plus the $80/yr Pro Charge. Maybe if Online was included with the base game but some airports would be DLCS, maybe it could work out, for now, I think IF is in a great place.

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This would be good IF deveopment did not slow too much on the mobile version. I Would also love to see the pc with better graphics, 3d buildings, lights, and possibly the ability to custom build liveries. There could be VAs that dont actually exist but have their own plane and livery that can be added onto pc and given to members of the VA.


I feel it would be great to control the aircraft with a keyboard.