Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


I really think we don’t really need a IF for PC because it is truely not in the same league as X plane 11 and P3D which are very established in this area. What IF needs is a way of connecting ATC controls to PC so ATC controllers can have more room to manage aircraft is busy airspaces. I also think it would increase the amount of ATC controllers in the game because pilots/players would control ATC while flying at the same time.


I think that IF wont be “Just another flight simulator”, just of how easy it is to control! You dont have all these buttons and switches you dont have no idea of, and that is something IF is good in, keeping it simple.


I don’t know why Flight Simulators will keep adding new platforms?? The original platform is always gonna be used more than the untraditional platform. For example xplane 11 on mobile hasn’t made a huge hit since IF was more popular and focused on mobile users. If we do this to PC it’s gonna be the exact same thing I bet


I think a pc version would be very beneficial, with all the success of the mobile app, I usually play at home and it would be a lot easier

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If you add it to the PC / Mac, would you be able to fly with other users on mobile? (If you don’t understand, would PC players be cross compatible w/ Mobile.)


In my eyes, Infinite Flight for computers would be quite beneficial for people with low end devices or enjoy using their computers instead of their devices when flying.
Regarding people saying that Infinite Flight will be out of its league due to FSX, X-Plane etc. dominating the market with its advanced features, graphics so and so; on the other hand I believe Infinite Flight will fit perfectly in another market where people want a more basic yet thorough flight simulator. For me, I’ve never really understood how to pilot FSX or X-Plane as I find all of the knobs and buttons in the cockpit extremely tedious which comes with a high learning curve. For Infinite Flight, you have a friendly UI which makes all the key features of an airplane simple and easy to use.
I think that apart from aviation fanatics who have a vested interest in learning to pilot an aircraft, learning its instruments etc, there is a community out there searching for a watered down version which keeps realism and high standards of quality; Infinite Flight ticks all the boxes.

  • IF for PC
  • No IF for PC

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Could a PC version potentially be compatible with more add-ons than mobile? I’m talking about things like rudder pedals, instrument panels, etc.
It also might be nice to see IF running on a bigger screen (AKA a computer monitor) without buying something like an Apple dongle or AirServer.


So what would be the cost like if it came to PC? Also would it require a fairly decent spec PC to run or would a low end PC run it too? Personally I am very content with IF on mobile but as a MacBook user I feel that it would be a bit cumbersome. I have a windows laptop that I use for gaming but I am not sure everybody does. For a game like IF on PC, I can anticipate it requiring a decent amount of Memory and RAM, something most people might not have. Buying a phone may be far more economical, but it all depends on the hardware requirements for the PC version.

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so will this be added or not my tablet is getting to slow for IF I feel like IF on the PC will help for people with low-end devices or enjoy using their computers instead of their devices when flying.


This is what Laura said above

Personally, although I am onboard, IF on mobile is so unique and advanced compared to other mobile sims

I really like this idea though

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I think a pc edition would be amazing and would bring Infinite Flight lots and lots of popularity although the game would need community created aircraft and liveries to compete with FSX, Xplane, and P3D

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I would love IF coming to either PC/Mac. I have a Surface I use for uni stuff but I mainly use my MacBook Pro for everything else. If IF is coming to PC that would be so amazing! I got excited for a sec when I see the thread then I realised this is from a while ago. I would still love the idea of a desktop version of Infinite Flight


Having IF for PC will be a great step for the sim because there are some people like me that their cell phones does not support the simulator anymore (too much for the cell phones), and its dissapointing to see how IF gets forward with its updates, while people like me cant play it, and for us would be amazing to have it in PC.
and just imagine, i know there are simulators that are the best of the best in computer, but jus thinking in how good could be IF in graphics (because already the graphics in cell phones are incredible) controls etc, it wont be a bad PC simulator…


That its true?

its tihinking in a future versión of infinite flight in PC?

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I hope so

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Wow…i think its a rumor.

The developers said that they are improving IF on mobiles and they are waiting that devices Will be powerful to add progress.

But, Its a good coversation because they are on Android and ios since years and now …thinking in a change to computers …2018 mobile devices are so powerful.


This has probably been said already, but I think it would allow for 3D buildings and more detail. Or just extra things that could not be added due to mobile device restrictions.

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Yes…Well…Im not give my opinion of that but if developers are thinkhing about it please advise us in advance for preparations.