Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


No, we need a PC edition. It just needs some refreshments and adjustments.


Well if it ain’t practical, then it’s not worth making.

Plus, I think Laura and the developers have made the current PC version quite a high standard.


Don’t tag devs. It’s an unwritten rule.


Laura specifically said “Infinite Flight runs like a charm on a PC”.

IF is my first foray into flight sims and I’ve come to enjoy it. However, I don’t like using my phone for flying or tying it up for several hours.I described my PC setup above and I’ll probably look into PC only options when my subscription expires.


Well, darn, that’s another reason to make a PC edition. Now I have to side with it.


What we need is a Windows app so it can be used on an Xbox!!


we can alredy do it with many android emulator like blue stack. and with infinite flight support for many gamepad, joystick, keyboard and many other input devices it’ll not be any problem. i know for long hauls we cant put our phones busy for that long. i play it on my pc using bluestack. and it works like bread and butter. i dont see a reason for devs to put in extra hours for this. we can have many other nice feature added in that time.


Could you create a thread that indicates how you install and run everything, including peripheral (ex: joystick) support? I haven’t seen any Bluestack success stories on the IFC - especially since Global was released.

I’d love to be able to run IF without using my phone (although right now I have ios).


ohk. will upload a video soon. although i play on pc the non subscription version. only solo. i’ve live in my android phone. but it works perfectly well. will soon upload a video.


No thanks then. If you are limited to the solo version that defeats the whole purpose.


now i wont be buying live subscription for 2 separate devices. but the point is it support infinite flight.

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But if You use an emulator, the game is in a simulated phone that You can log into Your account, download infinite flight and log into Your live subscription. Theoretically, it should work and You shouldn’t buy anything. I’m going to test it, just with an iOS emulator. Going to make a tutorial on how it works soon.

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You cant sign in to inifinte flight on an emulator, Ive tried it.


Gosh darnit. Why not though?


i never tried logging in it. playing on 2 decices with 1 subscription may violate some issues. and i really like this game so dont wana loose my grades getting blocked.


Laura also said “Infinite Flight runs better on my 2017 iPad Pro than on my PC with a 3.4GHz i7 and a GTX 1080.”
If that hardware is not enough to run the most basic of flight simulators I don’t know what will.
You might as well invest in a proper sim. like P3D or X-Plane and bring some settings down.


It cuts your engines off. I haven’t noticed any violations from it, but that may be a thing. (Yes, I tried it once)


Mac please, because Mac is sometimes better than Windows.


I vote no because I feel the app version would be left behind as most always are…


Will this be able to cross play with iphone/android? If so, yes, for sure. Maybe a mac version ;)? That would be cool expecially if for the iphone, they have iphone servers and cross play servers. Cross play will have mac, PC and mobile etc. Hope all works out! Only this is that this is the #1 mobile game, but for PC/Mac, it has MANY competitors and could be hard to get the the top. I’d love to see options though.