Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


I much as I want this to happen, it’s been almost 3 years since this thread was created.


@JacobVanZanten is not in control of that. Only the DEVS have that power.


The system requirements for those are very high. IF would allow people with lower specced devices to play on PC

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Infinite Flight runs like a charm on PC.


If it came to PC I’d be ecstatic. I can run XPlane/P3D but they’re not the same as IF. They are very complex and in-depth, whereas IF allows you to just fly, or meticulously replicate real life flights realistically. Even though it wouldn’t be the most realistic sim on PC it would certainly be my favourite and I reckon alot of others might feel the same way


Would you at some point discontinue Infinite Flight on Mobile? Like games on Xbox and PS, where they stoped making updates for games and only made updates for the new generation consoles


Yes it does - although I have a feeling your PC version is different than mine. :)

I am running IF natively on my iPhone 8, but the screen size is a major negative. So, I bought a lightning to HDMI adapter to display it on one of my 42 inch TV screens. For takeoffs and landings, I use a joystick and LiveFlight Connect on my Windows 10 laptop. For other parts of the flight I use a self-modified version of IF Connector to control things (loading the flight plan, speed, VS, heading, altitude, engine start/stop, and much more).

I’d definitely prefer a native PC version, but until then … I’ll make do.

PS - Thanks for API, by the way.

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I mean it’s kind of like, “why not?”. Is there any reason not to??


i wish this was really a thing


I know, I’m just saying. :)


Do we get our night time taxi way lights?! Lol I would love to see this!


We. Need. A. PC. Edition!

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No, you don’t need one, you want one


No, we NEED one.
I want a MacBook (for IF and school) so I could get rid of my iPad and chromebook


First of all, a PC is a personalized computer. A Mac is also a PC. I know You urban youth think it’s otherwise, but PC = All computers (basically)

Now to the main thread.
The PC version would be nice for a couple of reasons:

  1. Almost lag-free flying experience.

  2. A higher demographic. What I mean by that is that some kids’ parents or the children themselves cannot afford a tablet or a computer itself. They use their parent’s computer. That would basically open up more potential buyers.

  3. Less crashing (hopefully). On some older devices and some newer ones too, people experience random crashes, possibly caused by a RAM shortage. I think a computer would definitely be capable of supporting infinite flight without crashing. Even a low-end one too.

However, if You do choose to release a PC version, You should definitely implement these features:

  1. Compatibility with the online servers that are used on the current platforms (fairly obvious one).

  2. More graphics settings, like plane quality, scenery quality, chunk distance, airport quality, FPS, etc.

  3. This whole thread: In-game ATC Tutorials

  4. Aircraft carriers (OK I’m just too much of a fanboi for aircraft carriers)


Infinite Flight runs better on my 2017 iPad Pro than on my PC with a 3.4GHz i7 and a GTX 1080.

Oh yes, that laptop with an Intel Celeron, or Core i3 CPU with outdated graphics cards drivers will be just fine ;-)

Is IF Available on PC?

I would say a lot more kids / teenagers would have access to faster phone/tablet then computer.


Yes when editing airport we totally make three versions each with different qualities. One with no taxi lines, one normal and one with a node every meter just to make your device overwork


I feel like we just don’t need it infinite flight is already the best flight simulator on ios. We just don’t need it on pc.

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Ah, so the computer version is rather slow it seems. Well if it’s slow then You might as well not do it.

Thanks Y’all for the replies too.