Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


Yes please! Bring back this thread


IF could appeal to I belive a large majority of aviation lovers that doesn’t have the fast PC or can’t be bothered to get all the add ons via complex and annoying systems.

Infinite flight could run on relatively slow PC’s and offer a simplistic payment system to get the full experience of the flight sim.


I would personally like to see Infinite Flight eventually compete with other flight simulators on Windows, Mac or even Linux systems

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@.Laura, would Mac be a possibility?


I think it would be interesting if on PC, you could still use it like the mobile version. ie. I have a touchscreen “360” laptop and I think it would be fun to use it like a giant tablet.


If I went over to a PC, I’d likely be going to P3D, XP or FSX for the immersion of the add-on’s like FSLabs/PMDG etc. I’m certainly holding out hope IF will slowly but surely catch up to the above named sim’s on mobile.

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If they can give us systems and advanced add-on/in-app aircraft I’ll stay with IF on mobile. It’s SO close to being there-i’d say 3-4 updates away imo.

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It would be awesome if it could come to Chromebooks as well if possible. Guess what I am typing this from right now. Also, cross platforming would be the coolest thing ever!!!


You know I got xplane on pc and its very realistic (but planes really expensive) it would be cool to play infintie flight and xplane on the same platform


I dont agree with you, I would agree if you mean that you need to buy the game again then yes. But why?Why do you want it on xbox? First the controls are not simple and every one knows that pc games are better


Please no. Don’t come to PC. Your expertise is in mobile. Why waste all those years of hard work and gaining experience optimizing for the mobile world only to come to a market already dominated by well established PC sims like Xplane. Not trying to limit your options for future endeavors with IF but you’d have a hard time competing. Just my opinion.


I agreed with this before, it’s just it would be a nice source of revenue for FDS and it can bring that level of a great simulator without having to install mods to PC. Trust me, they’ll definitely spend as much time on mobile as they would PC :)

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I think this would be great, I feel like the only reason people consider this a “Game” is because it runs on phones\tablets, I feel like weather or not it (We are mostly apple here) it would definitely improve the overall idea of the sim…


In my opinion, this is a great idea, and because I hate putting bulleted reasons in a paragraph, I’ll make a list!

  • This would allow more processing power and memory, therefore allowing to increase the frames per second (FPS), and would allow for better graphics.

  • This would also expand to other gaming communities (e.g. Windows Store, Steam) and would allow the Infinite Flight Community to grow.

  • This would roll in more money for the developers, therefore possibly allowing less pricier subscriptions, and earning income from two platforms.

  • This would also still work as a testbed for the developers so it could update iOS and Android devices, and could also update Windows PCs.

However, I hate to say I thought of a couple cons, too.

  • This would take a lot of getting used to if you’re using a keyboard, and would have to have entirely new tutorials, too. Thus would decrease ability to fly correctly.

  • Would Android and iOS devices be left behind by the majority of community members? Would it be updated less frequently?

Even though this idea does have a couple of cons, I’m still in love with it, and earned my vote!




The next step after bringing IF to PC?

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I wrote that original comment nearly 3 years ago so I’m sure to miss something in your comment.

My original comment was saying I wouldn’t be happy buying all my IAP agin ( pre pro subscription )

I voted yes to a PC port, as long as FDS stays committed to there mobile roots as it would be a great option for PC players. Xbox is a cheap and easy platform accessible to “everyone” where as entry to a decent PC platform is a little cost prohibitive for the under 13 IF squad.


Since the initial version would be similar to the ios/android version, does that mean that it’ll be of different versions in the future and how will you actually focus on the development of both the Windows PC version as well as IOS/Andriod version? Lastly what would be your biggest achievement you and the IFD Team would wish to get in the Windows PC :) And thanks for the effort in IF thus far

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Oh sry! But nice opinion!


The reason why I had Infinite Flight on my mobile in the first place was that I did not have a computer powerful enough to run big names like P3D, FSX and such.

Now that I have such a computer, and the fact that they are getting more and more powerful for not much of a price increase, I genuinely don’t see why anyone would get IF for PC. Besides hardcore IF fanboys maybe.

Why wait for IF to grow when there already is an established market? What could IF bring to the table?

IF pioneers on mobile, and that’s where its future lies.

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If there is Infinite Flight for PC, please make it free for the people who already bought it on mobile. :)