Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


Can everyone stop talking about consoles here. The people who play on consoles (the majority anyway) are only interested in games like COD. I’m pretty sure 99% of console users wouldn’t be able to work their way around a fully fledged flight simulator. There’s a reason why one has not been created already. Another struggle for FDS that many people don’t understand is that every platform is different. Yes, some engines are multi-platform, but many aren’t. FDS, to make the sim run on console would have to invest a ton of money into something that is already a niche market. Let’s be honest. COD is more popular than IF and FSX combined. You wanna know why? Because it’s a game that anyone can play, and is part of an already massively popular genre. Another reason why I wouldn’t support a console build of IF is because of the darn XBOX kids. They will see Infinite Flight, buy it thinking it’s a little easy-ass game and BAM. They’re instantly hit up with terminology and interfaces that are new to them. Half the little kids on XBOX would also just troll IF, and do raids, which would be difficult for FDS to control, being already a small company. My final scenario would be where, let’s say, Little Timmy has just bought Infinite Flight Console Edition. He boots it up, plays a bit, and decides, after a couple months of playing, to purchase Pro. He is still a noob, and to some would be seen as a nuisance, and possibly a troll. Poor little Timmy does not know he is being irritating, but people assume he is deliberately causing a commotion. Little Timmy is reported multiple times, and eventually banned. His mummy, Jane, is upset by this, writes a rant email to FDS about how her little boy has been bullied online.

I am not saying all people who play XBOX are noob and little kids, but many are, and as far as most XBOX users are concerned, flight simulation is a new concept, and a small, fragile company like FDS trying to throw a stone onto the water like that could either fail or be a sucess. PC users already know what flight simming is, and would therefore know what they would be getting into, and signing up to.

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I would use Infinite Flight on my computer, but would I have to “Re-Pay” for it? But another subscription?


id love to use IF on my new laptop, but i dont think it would work because of my terrible graphics (doesnt even let me play roblox or FSX) :(


Playing IF on desktop will make it way more realistic, especially to those that have joysticks for FSX.

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Perhaps MaC Support, but I have no use for PC. :-/


This would be great for Global because my computer has great graphics and then it will relieve my IPad of doing big flights!


Yeah IF should have buildings if the PC version comes out. And Jetways and much more complex stuff(not too complex though).

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We should also have a mac version then…

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Just like FSX, X Plane and P3D

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Then what are the chances of IF succeeding if there already is well established competition?
I used to play IF back then when my computer wasn’t powerful enough to handle the proper simulators but now I wouldn’t even touch IF, even if it came to PC.
It is no match compared to the competition that offers a lot more than featureless landscapes.
If you are willing to wait 50 years for IF to grow though, that’s your choice.


IF is leader on mobile, for those who move a lot/can’t have a laptop with them. A niche market.
On PC? It would get crushed.
If you say your PC can’t handle the simulators already available, you can always get a new PC for cheap.
If you expect IF to have the features other simulators already have, you will need to get a good PC anyway.


I’d vote for Laura to release IF for PC only. With no changes compared to the mobile version. Our existing logins should work with our subscriptions. No Mac version either. (Don’t want to make extra work for the Dev’s & though I’m a Mac user, I can use my PC!) a great example of a mobile/PC cross platform games is Rules of Survival. I play on my iPhone X, S8+, iPad Air or PC without issues.

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Well you are kinda wrong in the fact Xbox had FSX at one time but I can understand the struggle it would be to run a full featured flight simulator on a gaming console…


If not a fully fledged IF release i would love to see ATC available on Windows, the ability to use a much larger screen space (for those without tablets) and utilise this screen space with Nav charts would be fantastic

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Sooo, is this every happening? I’d love to see IF flight on pc as I’m slowly transitioning to pc flight Sims now. It really could be a turning point for infinite flight…


Sure, but the point of if is it being mobile. Many may think it doesn’t look good for a pc No insult, but xplane looks better sometimes


Would this end up like most games where you stop supporting mobile to bring better updates to Windows?

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OMG This is the first time i have seen a dev consult the community! Keep it up even for the smaller things like a vote between 3 items of which will be added next!!!


Thr point of IF is it being an extremely realistic sim for mobile. I mean, better graphics and other things may be allowed with the pc, but I cant say this less:
IF is great because it is on mobile.
I rest my case


I would love Infinite Flight on PC, it would be perfect with global! The problem is that the market is tooken for flight simulation, with games like P3D coming out, and for the price of pro, other games actually sounds reasonable. Global is already introduced on some games, but Infinite Flight has a way more advanced version of it. The way IF can hook the market is by introducing buildings, and airport terminals.