Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]

I think the only reason people would be against it would be because they think you would focus on the PC Version more. I guess that you will continue to keep consistent updates on mobile devices. Also, if you do release this will it be on your web site or Steam? I don’t mind either way but it would be nice to see it on Steam. Would this also mean it could be easier implementing more features as mobile devices don’t have as much processing power or space available? I love playing Infinite Flight and look forward to it’s future! Never stop flying!!! :sunglasses:

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If the game was on console or PC, it would be cool if the pilots and ATC could plug in headsets and talk to each other in person.


I’m really spectacle about Infinite Flight on the PC. Currently infinite flight is a great mobile simulator, but once it goes on the PC, it’ll be a terrible flight sim. So it’ll probably get 3D terminals, better graphics and more features. This would cause the people that can’t afford a PC and only have an iPad (or a slow computer) would complain and ask for those features. This would cause a disaster! And it might be that PC would be so advanced they would abandon Mobile and cause terrible complaints! I don’t know about this… It’ll turn out just like minecraft…


I think it is a great step to move up the ladder especially with such dedicated developers,would be a revolutionary moment for the simulator :blush: It would allow more intricate development of the simulator features and throw a challenge to other available simulators. I see FDS on the top! YES from me :smiley:


I also voted yes, but im not sure.

I have Pedals, Joystick and Thrust lever from old FS9 and older Flight Unlimited times.
[When I think back, Breaking with the Pedals and Activate the Reverse Thrust] :smile:
But if i compare the old times :

  • Doing the Flightplan
  • Enter the Cockpit / Payload
  • Programming FMS
  • Starting the Plane from Cold and Dark

Flying with the tablet is more fun and not so timewasting (Briefing - 30 Minutes Flight - Debriefing = 1,5 hours)

On a PC / Mac its more like a real Simulator.

Flying with IF is great, ultra portabel, but comunicate with Approach / Tower / Ground is the cherry on the top.


I would agree with the previous comment - if it detracts from mobile Dev, then no. If the code base is almost identical, then sure… But again, it would be eclipsed by sims like FSX, so is it worth your time? And I’d also add to please not forget to wrap it up in a nice Mac package for us as well ;)


I’d love to see IF come to the PC. It won’t bother me or perhaps many others that enjoy the sim from the mobile devices that it won’t be as snappy, snazzy or fully functioned as other PC based sims. But it will open up a new market and increase the user base.
I for one would look forward to using ATC on a PC not just for the advantage of a bigger screen but with intergration to a keyboard you could have commands assigned to keys.


Wow I’ve waited some time to see this. This is a great idea. I wish there would also be a Mac version. If the code between platforms is 99% alike I’m sure a Mac version wouldn’t be any different. Anyway, I’d totally buy Windows and partition my hard drive just for this lol


As much as I would like to see IF on a PC, please continue to focus on Mobile, where you already are the Best.


They can focus on both. They said pretty much any code for an OS is the same for every other OS so it’s not like there would be more development.


I would love to see a Mac version :P


@matt I would definitely love to see a PC version. I think itll greatly enhance the game-play. My only concern would be the cost, If it were priced reasonably, I think this is an excellent idea.


Doesn’t take much to become a Mac Developer, does it? Just get to know Swift (or Swift 2 when that is released next week) and you can publish to the Mac App Store.


You should make this for MAC. Since Infinite Flight is associated with apple it would it also logical to make a flight simulator for mac. Or make one for mac and PC. Cause all those mac users want a good flight simulator!


True. There are currently no good flight simulators (or ATC games) on the Mac App Store


Is this a rethorical question?!? OF COURSE!


I play FSX sometimes but IF just makes more fun, even tho FSX is more realistic in terms if details etc.

Joystick and throttle and pedals support would be a mandatory tho, since Playng a flight simulator with arrow keys is juts pure horror.

But don’t forget the mac users please! (Since I have both osx and windows 8.1 installed on my macbook it’s not such a big deal for me but atm there is NO good Simulator available for mac exept of X-Plane Global (but this thing isn’t available on the osx appstore AND it’s pretty expensive))

You should think about selling it on steam if the public pc/mac version is ever going to happen ;)



Not that easy… sounds like you’re implying a full rewrite of the sim ;)

In theory, IF could be made to run on Mac without a full rewrite, but it should just run natively (out of the box) on Windows :)


@carmalonso aren’t apps for ios and osx programed with the same language? Open Gl or something like that? Don’t judge me, I’m no pro at programming complex stuff, I only now the basics like “if … then …”


ALSO another thing that just cam to my mind with ATC on PC: Would it be possible to make the messages (that are numbered through already) being “clicked” by the number keys of the laptop/pc? That be rather cool and very helpful in terms of answering fast!


They can be, but they use different frameworks and would require some parts to be rewritten.

However, IF isn’t made like a native iOS app, so there’s a different process to follow :)