Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


Yes, but they would never do that because Infinite Flight is the best mobile flight sim by miles. No one would expect FDS to abandon it. I know they won’t ;)


@Laura said this on post #15, so I wouldn’t worry about them dropping mobile in favor of PC:

"I don’t see any reason why we’d stop working on iOS/Android because of this. This has happened on Windows Phone, but it was due to MS dumping the graphics API that we were using, forcing us to redo everything from scratch on the graphics side.

As it stands now, the code base is 99% identical between all platforms, anything we add on a platform goes to the other ones."

(Let me also use this occasion to thank you, Laura, for the amazing job you and your team are doing.)


Is it related to a raspberry pi version? That looks like one to me 😱😱

(Edit) wait no seems it’s more likely joystick related.


I can imagin how tough and complex it would be on a game pad. Keyboard, throttle, yoke or joystick would do the trick just perfectly fine. With a console As long as you customize the controls to what your comfortable with. For a setting.


I’d love for this to still happen, although I use a Mac, so it’d make me REALLY happy if there was a Mac version. Otherwise I’d just run bootcamp

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I don’t think they’d be trying to compete, it’d just be seen as a desktop port of a mobile game. Nobody wanting 100% realism would choose Infinite Flight over something like FSX or Xplane, but somebody who flies for fun on their phone and wants to play on a bigger screen would definitely buy a desktop port. Also, it’d allow for possible downloading of imagery/terrain as desktops generally have larger hard drives.


My opinion. But I appreciate the reply.

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its seriously needed since the Global release…one cant keep their their phones dedicated most of the time for the Game…doing it in PC will make the best out of time management…cheers


What about for Mack OSX??


I wouldn’t want IF on PC.

This is because I and I am sure many others, enjoy and embrace the fact that I can just open up the app, and I’m set for a flight to wherever. Starting up a computer, then a joystick, all those fancy confusing buttons for different things… I just think computers are awkward when it comes to simulators.

Clearly, by the look of the poll, I’m one of the fewer ones. It’d be cool to see it on PC Nevertheless!


Or a mobile sim that has developed over the course of time to PC status… before it goes to PC! W

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I was just thinking about this. Please, do it!

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I respect, just sharing my opinion as well. We’re good dw


Would it be like IF on the mobile platform or would it be like FSX?

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Would it be subscription based? Also If Is on Mac here you can have my money now


I think infinite flight would be good for pc or mac beacuse it would open up for way more people that have a crappy phone and can’t run IF.
Even if most of those people are aviation fans that don’t have that many resources to play IF they could now have the opportunity beacuse its in the new platform. I would guess most low-end work computers would be able to run it with some struggle but still be able to play the game, And I’m saying this beacuse if a small phone can run it a bigger computer with more space and capabilities can run the game better. Now some people say that it will just be another flight simulator in PC and won’t be so “unique”. Well a difference between FSX and IF is the simplicity of the game and that FSX is way more complex than IF which gives a path for aviation fans that are just starting off to learn about the game and have fun while not having to worry about a million things, and it doesn’t need to be moved over all to PC and the devs to just be concentrated on PC the only thing is to get IF in PC and be able to communicate with mobile users through both devices. It would really open up a fun but not too complex to the newbie aviation community and maybe improve the game. Steam?


Yeah but if people have a bad phone, the chances of them being able to afford a good computer are fairly low


I really want this on pc and mac because I could stop using dumb emulators that don’t even support global and stop murdering my phone’s battery.


I would absolutely love this because the PC platform allows for more flexibility so features which would stretch the limits of the sim on mobile can be implemented into a PC game much easier. Things like buildings, advanced ATC, animated and interactive cockpits, flight charts and many other features can be implemented and third party applications could be developed for use within the sim. E.g. FSX has a mod called GSX (Ground Services X) which can be added to allow catering trucks, pushback vehicles, animated gates into the game which requires no work by the developers but more so the community. Universal joystick optimisation and support can also be implemented a lot easier compared to that found on the mobile platform (e.g. we have to use LiveFlight Connect to connect a joystick, yoke, game pad). If this is seen in the future, would definitely spend the money to purchase it.


Actually, I play IF on a ZTE and I have a XPS 8900 so…

Not completely true.

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