Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


You say that like it’s a problem. ;)

In my opinion, I completely understand games like candy crush and birds on a mobile device to pass the time, but how can you thoroughly enjoy something as intense as a flight simulator on mobile as oppose to a PC?

As popular as IF is becoming, I would assume the extra development would only enhance the experience for ALL platforms and devices. My idea being, more development is more development. win = win for both camps and a huge bonus for IF as it gets on the desktops of more and more people.


That’s exactly what i think there is microsoft flight simulator, xplane etc etc and i have bought and even though i fly much more on IF cuz i have it with me all day everywhere and it’s more enjoyable for me like the mini map see all those planes around the beautiful graphics that look even better than pc sims unless you have a 10k pc i mean lets be realistic those sims are great but if you want to enjoy it full you have to build a super pc

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You can also buy an adapter that can be connected to Ipad … then on TV / PC and the adapter must have an HDMI / USB / Lightning (on ipad) .And you can use Or on PC version version better / more details …

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Would be absolutely amazing; however I would try to make it so lower quality computers can handle it, because I have tried other flight sims on my 2014 HP laptop and the FPS is so bad, I cannot move from side to side. If you do go through with this (hope you do) at least TRY to make it easy to run for any semi modern laptop, but if not it’s fine.


I would love Flying it on my Laptop
It would be fun to be able to fly on my IPad and the Laptop!


Okay, so this is my opinion on this. Basically Infijite Flight is the best simulator on mobile. It has so much stuff that other mobile simulators don’t have. Now, we go to PC, the competition is going to be crazy. They have practically everything that a real plane has IRL. So this means more work for he devs to compete with these simulators.


Bonjour de marseille ;)


Why are we all mac haters… can we add mac to PlZ


It’s much harder to work with than PC I’m pretty sure. Not if it’s on the App Store though.


So Windows can download off the app store?

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No. It’s not available for PC or Mac at this point. This was just a poll, not a promise of something being released.


No we should not. It means the mobile platform gets rejected and then mobile devices are stuck with crap simulators like Aerofly. Plus if there is gonna be a computer version, it needs a mac version. But regardless. No No No.


I think this Idea is purely for better frame rate and less lag. I don’t think they’ll ship IF to pc and leave mobile behind while PC get buildings, landmarks etc… FDS really aren’t mean ;)


Could this be hinting at something?


No, this isn’t related to a PC version of Infinite Flight


Go on then Cam!! Spill!!


No, please, no, the game is meant to be for iOS, Some of us dont have access to PC, which means, we wont be able tomplay in the. Future, the game will be updates on PC, IiOS wont get that update because it’s too big for iOS to handle. Then we will get left behind and this will become a PC flight simulator. So, just no.

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They aren’t going to ditch iOS and Android, that’s where the main fan base is… The biggest difference that could occur would be graphics.

Personally, I think this could definitely be worth developing, as now with the global update most if not all android emulators do not support the new update (be it android version, or OpenGL ES). As my phone cannot run the game at ideal settings it would be amazing for me to have the game on PC, where I could enjoy the beautiful graphics of the update. (Plus, having the game on PC could potentially add more opportunities for developers to utilise the API)


Yes, do you really think they’d do that? iOS and Android is their main income and anyway, even if they did release it on Steam or something like that, no one would know about it. I think it’s only a way to get better frame rate and less lag.


I agree. Plus, if they stop updating the mobile versions of the app, then I’m going to abandon IF and IFC. Pretty sure they’re not going to let mobile users down.