Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]


I will get IF for Windows if and only IF:

  1. The FDS makes sure the gyroscopes on my Dell Laptop-cum-Tablet will work with IF (Tilting the device should be a control option)
  2. An Intel Celeron, 1 GB Graphics and 2 GB RAM will be the minimum requirements. (On Dell SupportAssist, my system managed 4-10 FPS on some complicated 3D thing, which should be a little more than the minimum needs). Highly unlikely with a 10 GFLOPS processor, as the iPad Pro 2017 has more than 500 GFLOPS in the Apple A10.

Well in that case you might want to hope for a lightweight PC version with those new 4K textures and wing flex. I can just imagine running a full copy of Infinite Flight optimised for PC would look amazing.


I would really love IF on steam ;-)


We don’t need it look at aerofly 2 they’re devs care more about the PC version than the mobile


Much of the immersion in sims such as P3D and FSX relies on third party providers of Aircraft and add on scenery and weather as well, such as the fantastic ORBX products… its an expensive hobby 😊

I would certainly play IF on the PC and would certainly support its development if it were available, but we should be mindful not to compare out of the box IF with the likes of P3D

That said i think IF could have a relatively niche market and if it grew like the mobile version has then it will no doubt be something very special indeed

Yes for me


Mark i thought it was Laura that made the post


Can it also be on the mac


MacOS too please that will be an amazing update


The first incarnation our friendly developer was Matt Laban. However, he regenerated into a very well woman, who is transgender for about a year now: Laura Laban. So basically, Matt is no longer with us. He is replaced with Laura.

Did you get the reference?


This would be a great next giant step for IF in two to three years :)

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What about Xbox 1? And Mac of course. (okay I’m joking about the Xbox version but it would be sweet)


I just noticed this thread was 2015. What ever happened to IF coming out on PC?


It was just a poll too see the communities opinion on the matter. Other things besides this was prioritized obviously :)


personally I think this would be awesome. As long as the pc version was never any different to the mobile version or prioritised or anything


No I strongly disagree! If they go to PC they may slowly but surely switch over from the Mobile platform to doing more development for PC.

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The more the RAM, the better graphics!


I literally said in my comment:


Not necessarily, that comes more down to your Graphics Card.

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Not true, graphics is primarily about GPU.

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What I don’t really understand is why wouldn’t you vote for it to be done?