Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]

I mean if you just make it either really expensive to use PCs resources well, or make it really cheap if it uses a ton of resources (like an expensive PC). I don’t like bringing up pricing, but just a thought!


this discussion has been going on since 2015. i personally would like a IF on pc more that it on mobile. on the go when im out of the house and look to pass time i dont even use IF as flight usually take more then 15mins and after such time in busy again only at home i complete flights so why not make it on pc where i can have a bigger display and a more realistic experience with joysticks and other attachments compatible with a pc version. Again it been 3 years come on with it!

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I disagree. Personally, I think that Infinite Flights charm is being built around a mobile game, and would not have the same thrill on PC. While X-Plane may be built for this, Infinite Flight is not. On top of that, imagine the costs, as we all know any PC game will be naturally more expensive, plus the $80/yr Pro Charge. Maybe if Online was included with the base game but some airports would be DLCS, maybe it could work out, for now, I think IF is in a great place.

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This would be good IF deveopment did not slow too much on the mobile version. I Would also love to see the pc with better graphics, 3d buildings, lights, and possibly the ability to custom build liveries. There could be VAs that dont actually exist but have their own plane and livery that can be added onto pc and given to members of the VA.

I feel it would be great to control the aircraft with a keyboard.

Thats already possible (yes, with infinite flight!) Check out Joysticks on iOS/Android over the network | LiveFlight Connect

Back to the topic: I feel like IF could be a great app for PC users, especially with multiplayer and atc already built in. Multiplayer could be crossplay, filling up the skies!

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Is this still being discussed?

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Would something like the surface pro work well? To have same type of gameplay as a tablet/iPad?

Hey! @Laura I’ve been hearing this all the time. When will it be out on PC and Mac!

Unfortunately I’ve not heard anything from the devs and I’m very curious to know what’s happening about this version. This would be soo great. Specially now that I just got a Mac!

Can we have info please !

Do you guys want to know what’s happening?

  • O my god…yes NOW!
  • Urm don’t care

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What is happening with this PC version @Laura?


Im wondering if you will have to pay for the app download on the PC version


I’ll start saving for a laptop so i can play when it comes out on IF

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Laura did boldly state that it will be for Windows PC and not for Mac.

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Isn’t a laptop run by Windows system

Lets be honest. Theres 100’s of messages asking for mac, and i doubt they would make one and not the other…

Also I can make my mac run windows easily

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Guys, please don’t tag Developers.


If Infinite Flight was added to PC that’s a great way to get people into FSX and XPlane11, because for its atrocious price, you are getting zilch compared to even FSX.

Seriously, you don’t even get realistic physics or cockpits like FSX. If you are going to go for realism, especially with a joystick on PC, IF would be considered no where close. IF would be classified as more of an Arcade game with a hefty price tag.

So go ahead, see if that gets you any new customers.


More work and increased competition would be good to get them to do stuff with the massive amounts of money they have.

I bet that Infinite Flight PC would have buildings and much better graphics.

Is this still something that is being considered or worked on?

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