Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]

Yeah it will be so cool with keyboard and joystick also! I think you will add it soon :)

Would I be able to have my in app purchases purchased on my iPad on my PC?

I would love it on my laptop!

Will I be able to purchase global without a live subscription?

Thanks for all the great work you do! ❤️

Maybe. Maybe not. If you have Live+ then most likely.

I don’t have live. I’d like to be able to play global with a one time purchase, and not have to have live.

That already exists to!
WIndows and Mac Users:
Joystick Setup #1 : Joystick Support in Infinite Flight
Joystick Setup #2 : Joysticks on iOS/Android over the network | LiveFlight Connect
Or watch the videos in the first link! Your very welcome :)

We don’t know how global will work quite yet. It could be a subscription, a one time thing. Nobody really knows.

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Okay, thanks! Looking forward to it

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“Please add free with 787 kthxbye”


K thx bai.

The only difference is that on PC it will run more smoothly, am I right?

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Apple for life! I want a Mac Version! Macs have good specs to play games like Xplane (which I have on an iMac). But seeing that it’s for windows, I’ll just install windows on my Mac via boot camp ;)

The thing I’m afraid of, is that also having a PC version, is slowing down the development of the mobile version. It makes sense because the PC version would also require devs time.

Plus like others said, IF is something really special on mobile, but not so much on PC where there are other really good flight simulators already.

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When are they going to add this :0

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Wow everyone just ignores Mac users like myself Laura if you do make a pc version MAKE IT FOR MAC please?

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That would require far more coding than what they have to do on iOS mobile devices. The reason for asking for PC is because they already have it meaning very little touch up work that would need to be done for a public release.

2 apps called Extreme Landings and Carrier Landings in the Mac App Store. It basically is the iOS version, just released for Mac.
Would love it if you did the same, and just released the iOS version for mac so i can use my joystick without lag.

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Yes but can It come to Mac as well?

surely a PC version offers many more options for both developers and for us user then so be it, but the beauty of IF is that it is on mobile platforms offers the possibility to use it anywhere, and my concern is that if you concentrate on PC version,Please do not neglect the mobile version! thanks for everything!