Infinite Flight for PC (Windows)? [Poll]

For quite some time, we’ve explored the idea of shipping the app on Windows PC. You guys already know that we have a PC version we use for development.
We would add proper joystick/keyboard support, but the initial version would be the same as what we have now on iOS/Android.

So, would you be interested in Infinite Flight coming to Windows PC?

  • Yes
  • No

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If you have any comments about this, please feel free to respond to this message.


COMMENT : Ever thought of us Mac users? Matt, your better than this ;-) ill buy a dell laptop if this succeeds. i think it would be cool!


Yes most defiantly !


Let’s not forget Mac. I’ll vote for PC cause I hope that development for a PC version would lead to a Mac version

Best, Boeing707


I have mixed feelings about this,I have voted yes but to me a big thing about the current IF is that it is something unique to mobile while on PC it would be “just another flight sim”.

I dont want to be the guy saying “I want it all for free” but I wouldnt be happy paying another $200 to get it on PC again,Unless there was going to be a PC version and a mobile version.

IF would be far outdone by other PC sims in my opinion in the current version.IF suits mobile better in terms of what is allready on the market,or lack of flight sims on mobile platforms for that matter.

For people with laggy low end devices of course PC would be a step up in terms of reducing lag but I think over time mobile would be overlooked by you guys and all the attention put on PC.

If IF was to be ever put on a new platform I would perfer the xbox but then after all the main draw to IF is to “Enjoy a fully featured flight sim in the palm of your hand”

Im sure for some people IF on PC would be great and thats why I voted yes. But the above is a reflection to how I see it, keep it mobile :p :smile:


Great feedback, thanks!


If this gets made I would play this an unhealthy amount lol.


I feel this would be a great platform for infinite flight so I voted yes. However I think (if possible) you should expand to playstation and Xbox (PS3/360 or ps4/XBI) because PC has a lot of sims on it. This would be the first full flight simulator on console besides war thunder, which is only for PS4


There is really no reason not to. If someone doesn’t want it, they just wont play it.


I vote for a Mac version as well as a PC version. :smile:


I second the motion on the Consoles! no flight sim there yet (at least for airliners)! and if you were able to make joysticks, keyboards working with the normal console controllers etc. you would be pioneering flight simulation in the console market with virtually no competition!

But I voted no since I got the same impression as Devon where you’ll eventually come to a point where you’ll stop improving and maybe even stop supporting the mobile market due to capacity or other reasons which will really make me sad since this is where you started making a name for yourselves and everything.


I don’t see any reason why we’d stop working on iOS/Android because of this. This has happened on Windows Phone, but it was due to MS dumping the graphics API that we were using, forcing us to redo everything from scratch on the graphics side.

As it stands now, the code base is 99% identical between all platforms, anything we add on a platform goes to the other ones.


That’s a relief! Was just a little worried you’ll become too busy for the mobile version that I forgot you were already playing from the PC from the start! haha! But please do consider making one for consoles as well! I don’t have a desktop PC so… :laughing:


Can you hook up a joystick/keyboard on a console? Playing something this complex with just a gamepad is painful…


There is/was a keyboard and mouse set for PS3 a while back (even a keypad that integrated with the controller). And reading from the net you could use any USB/wireless keyboards lol! but since most of the games didn’t code to support K&M usage, most were used for system navigation and internet browser usage.


Looks like this would work for Xbox 1 Matt

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Found this for the PS4, works with War thunder as I’ve read. lol

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