Infinite Flight for IPad 5 [App crashing and continuing to crash after restart]

I need to know if the software Infinite flight work with an Ipad 5.
Yesterday the app was working normally today the app crash
I restart the Ipad and the problem continuing
Please somebody could help me?

Okey firstly can you change Topic to support? And write which system and which device u are using

The 5th generation iPad should be able to handle the Infinite Flight software, but here are some things I suggest doing. One of them is restarting the iPad before every flight, so you’re in the right neighborhood.

However, besides restarting the iPad before every flight, make sure you have:

  • set every graphics setting to Low (Airplane Count, Rendering Quality, 3D Object Density, Rendering Resolution, Texture Quality.)

  • Set your frame rate limit to 30fps

  • Cleared any apps that may be running in the background.

  • Point your in-game camera either up into the sky, or facing down into the seat in cockpit view. Doing that will reduce the amount of scenery the game has to load while flying.

  • Prop up your device in a cool area, and take off any cases. This will allow your device to breathe easier.

  • Turn on Automatic low power mode.

These are just some things to try. Hopefully this will be of some use.


Well if Crashes happening again after doing this all delete and reinstall your app. But I am highly recommend to do them first.

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I suggest moving this to the “Support” section. Then, a moderator can give further instructions.

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