Infinite Flight for Apple TV

So we just got an Apple TV and I wanna know if it’s possible to download Infinite Flight on it. I know that there is an Apple App Store like you would find on any iOS device so I’m really hoping that Infinite Flight is also compatible with Apple TV. It would be great to be able to fly with a joystick and throttle control as it would make the experience a lot more realistic.


No, it’s not possible, however you can airplay your screen to your Apple TV


What is airplay?

Swipe up from the bottom (or top right) of your screen, and it will say “Screen Mirroring”.

Then select the TV.

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Yes. Edit your message so that Axelander looks like he copied you. Funny, and super smart!

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I don’t see the option to Airplay

Could you post a picture of your screen?

Basically it’s a way to mirror the screen of an apple device to apple TV, no matter what app you’re using. You can read on how to use it on the Apple’s website.

Also, glad you liked my reply @Alec 😘

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Here’s the control panel where you adjust screen brightness, volume, and other things. Is it there? I’m not a pro with tech so please help me

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If I am correct, you should be able to click the screen mirroring button which I circled in red. That should give you an option to display your phone screen onto your Apple tv.

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It’s all good, and I totally understand! You’ve DMmed me, and I am more than happy to resolve it there…

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From the position on the screen it should be the “Recopie de l’ecran” field, but sadly I don’t understand the language you use on the screen so can’t be 100% sure. I hope it helps nonetheless!

I don’t speak French, but I believe it is the button above the notifications and timer button

Once you click the button, this should appear.

And then you click “Apple TV” and it should mirror the screen.

Sorry if this sounds stupid, but like what’s really the point of mirroring the screen from my iPad to the TV if I still have to control the plane on the iPad? I wanted to be able to play IF on a big screen to use a joystick and throttle lever.

I mean you still can, just think of the iPad as the little switches in the cockpit, and think of the flight controls as…the flight controls

The purpose of screen mirroring is so that you can display your phone screen to a larger screen, for example it allows you to watch YouTube from your phone on the tv. I think that is what you were asking about.

Sadly IF isn’t an Apple TV app yet, so for now, at least until IF will be available for M1 macs, this will be your only option of having Infinite Flight on a big screen.

And in the future could IF be made compatible for Apple TV’s? Many game apps such as Minecraft are available so I don’t see why it wouldn’t be possible.

Well you should be able to display IF from your iPad into the tv. I don’t know what you mean by not compatible though.