Infinite Flight for apple tv 4gen

Who,s also in for IF on apple tv :D ? Imagine playing IF with gamepad :P


Since Apple TV now has an App Store that’d be great!

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yes please, this would be amazing :)

Doubt this would actually be too hard… IF already probably has half the controller support so maybe? 4K might be an issue tho.

Yup:) Not gonna be easy. only way right now is, Apple AV adapter+Gamepad :D but dont know if gamepad is surported on IF hehe :)

The local app package size is restricted to 20MB by apple AFAIK. IF is nowhere close to 20MB.

IF is currently at 76.4 MBs and that’s not including the regions and planes you have to download.

Yeah you could use the joystick to control the plane but you would need something to arm spoilers and put the gear down.

Gamepad is surported in Aerofly 2 now hehe :D i thinking about Steelseries Nimbus :D have analog sticks :) and all these buttons xD

I also play on my TV sometimes!

I have the Apple TV and I simply mirror the image. It then appears on the TV and my parents/sister/friends can see my flight 😂


I use Apple TV to mirror my iPod touch running IF that I fastened to a 3/4 scale 737 yoke. The accelerometers in the iPod handle the elevators and ailerons control, but I fly holding the yoke. My thumbs work the throttle and flaps, etc on the touch screen.

My Apple TV displays on my 50" HDTV. Almost life sized!

Gonna test that 😄

Epic 😀

Playing on Samsung 32 LED.

Calibrated with THX Tune up app, highly recommended 👍

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I’m bumping this because it’s definitely something I want to see. It’s probably gonna get closed now lel.

Necroposting cops - i don’t care.


Its very interesting topic I’ve done the same as most of these people and mirrored my iPhone to my 55" 4k tv, its quite the experience.

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Biggest obstacle is probably controls, but it could be gamepad exclusive.

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MaxSez: Streaming IF is the cheap simple ansewer! With the “ROKU” system I view YouTube Av Videos almost every day. No hassle, direct connect to Big Screen from the Pad to the UTube link. The Pad controls the on screen action, No brained. Where there’s a will there is a way.

do you experience any lag?

That WOULD BE AMAZING! Thats a vote for me!