Infinite flight flyout

Hi, I am doing a fly out on Infinite flight - Event specifics are

  • Flight: London to Tokyo
  • Flight Time FT: 11hrs 15minutes of flight time more time with taxi-ing)
  • FPL: Copy Mine
  • Leader: Go Behind Me
  • Aircraft: B777-300ER or 777-200er
  • Livery: British airways/ANA
  • Server: Training
  • Alt: FL360
  • Day: Friday, April 2
  • Timings

New York: 8:00pm
Los Angeles: 5:00pm
Chicago: 7:00pm
London: 1:00am
Melbourne: 11:00am
Dubai: 4:00am
Singapore: 8:00am

Attendees -

  • Electric Galaxy
  • AviationGlobal
  • Captain Ry
  • Infinite Arya

Add a 👍 if your joining…

Could you please change your title in accordance with the section header? Thanks!

It just makes it more clear as to what your event is without clicking the topic itself :)

"Title Rules

  • Titles cannot include sponsorship details
  • Titles cannot include attendee numbers
  • Titles cannot include anything in brackets
  • Titles must be under 120 characters
  • Titles must include a server tag for the server it is on
  • Titles must be formatted in the following way:



Also, the flight must take place within 3 hours of posting this.

Please check the #live:groupflights category requirements before posting! 🙂

Hey @Captain_Az your group flight is outside the 3 hour rule for groupflights

Check this out:
About The GroupFlights Category

dang @Aniket_Joglekar beat me

To add on, you must post the event witnin 3h of the event

Dang I lost. That is sad :(

Also, for realistic purposes, if this is an eastbound flight, you may want to select an odd altitude.

Again, please check the group flight requirements I attached above! 🙂

As stated above